Dr. Barbara K Key is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with 10+ years working full time in substance use disorders.  As a clinical psychologist she is well versed in CBT, EMDR,  Solution Focused Therapy, Bowenian Intergenerational Theory, Brief Therapy Techniques, Strategic Therapy, Humanistic Rogerian Therapy, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, Stages of Change Model, and Existential Modalities.  Barbara’s two year Doctoral Dissertation original study was published and the title was. “ The Relation Between Coming to Terms with Family of Origin Difficulties and Long Term Sobriety.”  Barbara hails from a family of origin which was affected by addiction. Barbara has also had addiction affect her family and has committed to continue her career as a protective factor for Substance Use Disorders and long term sobriety.  Barbara is the Clinical Director here at True Recovery.