The Therapist at True RecoveryQualifications

Credentials and Licenses – MA in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, Board of Behavioral Health License #: 122485.

Education: University of Phoenix

About Evelin

Hello! My name is Evelin Guevara, I have worked in recovery for almost 5 years and can truly say that I enjoy my job and love what I do. I have worked in several facilities and nonprofit organizations. I specialize in EMDR therapy and completed my certification in 2017. I love to help individuals process their trauma and provide them with the opportunity to live a healthier life and work on the issues that often hinder their ability to enjoy life.

I am a passionate individual who enjoys seeing others happy. I love to play with my kids and also enjoy the outdoors. I love camping and visit places that are truly breathtaking.

I believe that being passionate about my work,  while being caring and empathic to our guests is essential to my job. I have experienced trauma in my life and can relate to many of the issues that our guests are experiencing. In addition, I believe that being understanding without any judgment is essential. I love to smile and believe that projecting happiness can make a difference in having a good day.

I have a masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy and am waiting to take my exam to be licensed. I am a HAP approved certified EMDR therapist and I have been practicing EMDT therapy for almost three years.

Why did you choose to work at True Recovery?

“I work at True because I love to help people and help them in any way I can. I love the people I work with, and the team at True Recovery is friendly and care for the clients.”Evelin

License #: 122485

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