Felicia LoweMy name is Felicia Lowe, and I’m so honored to share my knowledge about living a healthy, peaceful lifestyle full of gratitude and passion. Not too long ago, I was a different person. Addiction controlled my every move and every thought. Deep down, I wanted to escape. I had a bit of hope that the old me was still there somewhere, waiting to be healthy and free from toxic patterns of behavior, and negative people and places. So, I sought out sobriety at TrueRecovery where I found help, support, and comfort. Thanks to their goal-oriented approach, I was able to get clean, discover my life’s passions, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

During my time with TrueRecovery, I was introduced to coping strategies that became my passions. Learning yoga and tai chi changed my life! Studies show that activities that promote mindfulness have profound impacts on our brains and bodies. Yoga and tai chi are used to treat not only substance abuse disorders, but also, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression. Taking the time to listen to your body can make all the difference. Ask me about my Tai Chi long form! And my attempts to master the Crow pose. Apart from developing my mindfulness practices, I also love writing about my experiences and my knowledge about healthy eating, living, and coping. I’m working toward becoming a certified yoga teacher and lifestyle coach. We are constantly evolving, and I consider my recovery and health habits to be a work in progress. I hope to help others who are on the same road as me. Namaste!


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