The case manager of True Recovery GinaQualifications

Gina has worked in the treatment industry for 15 years. Gina started as a volunteer at a treatment facility, then became a Senior Resident.  She started school to become a certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor and worked at a treatment facility in Dana Point as a house manager. She later started an internship at a program in Laguna Beach as a drug and alcohol counselor.

She eventually got certified and then started working at an all women’s program in Santa Ana, then moved onto a facility with women and children, both of which were non-profit.

She later obtained a position at a treatment hospital where she worked for almost 3 years until coming to True Recovery.

Credentials and Licenses – CADC-II

Education – Vanguard University Graduate School

About Gina

Born and raised in Southern California, Gina went on to attend Saddleback College, where she received her Alcohol and Counseling Certification. Gina also attended Vanguard University for both her undergraduate and graduate degree from the School for Clinical Psychology. In her free time, Gina enjoys roller derby, paddling outrigger canoes, and playing softball.

Why did you choose to work at True Recovery?

“Through my own experience with substance abuse and my successful recovery in a non-medical, 12-step based program over a decade ago, I was driven to choose a career that would enable me to save the lives of others.

My purpose and dedication are to God and helping others who take the path towards healing. My goal is to demonstrate empathy, patience and compassion towards all living beings. My original plan was to help those who struggled with chemical dependency and become a drug and alcohol counselor.

However, through my education, I discovered there was more than just addiction, such as underlying issues that led to pain and addiction. I realized I wanted to help those who suffer with mental illness, addiction and trauma, so my journey began.” – Gina