Melissa AlvaradoHi, I’m Melissa Alvarado, your Alumni and Outreach Coordinator. My passion for working in the field of addiction stems from my own personal experience with addiction and recovery. I started my journey working at True Recovery because helping others who are just like me gives me a sense of gratitude and purpose. I am RADT certified, have a strong working knowledge of the 12 steps and facilitate SMART Recovery meetings.

I believe the keys to success in gaining long lasting sobriety begins with building a solid foundation through a program of recovery, maintaining connections through a sober network, and excising an altruistic approach by giving back to others.

Through these experiences, I am able to live a full life and am passionate about aiding others in their development in achieving the best version of themselves. It is a huge blessing and a privilege to be able to empower individuals along their journey in recovery. In my leisure time I enjoy traveling, camping, retreats, dining out, attending concerts, and gatherings with friends and family.