Rachel Gergen the head nurse at True RecoveryQualifications

Rachel attended the LVN program through the Regional Occupational Program and is currently attending West Coast University for the completion of her RN/BSN. Rachel has been serving as a Licensed Vocational Nurse since 2012.

Rachel has held various positions including Shift Nurse, Healthcare Coordinator, Nursing Supervisor, and Detox Program Manager.

Credentials and Licenses – Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

Education – West Coast University

About Rachel

Originally from Yorba Linda, CA, Rachel has worked in substance abuse treatment since she graduated from Nursing School in 2012. From her 7 years of professional experience as a nurse, Rachel helps to ensure that our clients’ transition into recovery is as comfortable as possible.

Why did you choose to work at True Recovery?

“I was eager to gain a role at True Recovery because of the current leadership team. It is important to me to work alongside ethical individuals who truly have our clients’ best interests at heart. I need to feel confident that I am making a positive difference each day, and I know that we are changing lives at True Recovery.” Rachel