Roxanne blends more than 33 years of recovery and personal growth concepts with over two decades of behavioral health marketing and management experience to reach out to the community and present the extraordinary features True Recovery. Her experience as an admissions manager initially gives her unique insight into the needs of those seeking treatment. She is passionate about helping those in need and has a great deal of experience working directly with individuals and their families to assure they receive the appropriate care necessary to recover from addiction.

She is an expert in crisis and family interventions. A passion and desire to help others led Roxanne to behavioral healthcare working in the field of addiction and mental health. For well over two decades, she has been lending her skills to improve the lives of others on their journey to recovery. Roxanne has a skill for managing large and small business units that run the gamut of client intake and family relations to negotiating terms on large business accounts with international companies.

Her proven track record for growth development and her established relationships within the behavioral health community leverage her position at True Recovery to maximize business development opportunities while keeping our clients and their recovery her first priority.