Stephanie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working in the therapy field for the last 15 years, however, it has been within the last 6 years that Stephanie has been working in the recovery field.

Stephanie began her work in private practice working with adolescents and families who are struggling with self-harm, eating disorders and addiction. Stephanie than spent 3 years working with families and children who struggle with disorders seen on the autistic spectrum as well as with children who struggle with special needs.

Stephanie found her way into the recovery field by accident and has not looked for another area of therapy since. Stephanie shared:

“I think that we all have something we can recover from. The tools that our clients learn and implement at True Recovery are skills for life, not just for sobriety. It comes down to humbling oneself and being willing to try without guarantee because we are worth the work!” 

Stephanie “has always known” she was going to work in a field that provided support and care for others as she has always had a passion for education and communication and feels very strongly that with support and healthy boundaries there is hope in most situations.

Stephanie loves animals and enjoys spending her time with her son, husband and dog outdoors and deeply values taking time to humble herself by seeking gratitude in the small things. Stephanie love reading, writing and dancing and has a weakness for peanut butter and chocolate.