Private Addiction Treatment Facilities | True Recovery

Located in sunny Newport Beach, California, our addiction treatment facilities look more like a resort than a medical center. We have therapy rooms with home furnishings, large group rooms where we hold collective activities, and individual therapy offices that offer confidentiality and comfort. And all of this is located right near beaches, shopping, and the famous Newport Back Bay Nature Preserve. The area provides a sense of tranquility and peace, which will help you rediscover your passions, set and achieve new goals, and gain the tools you need to live an addiction-free life.

In addition to our main campus, we partner with Sober Living homes in the heart of Orange County. These homes provide a safe and structured environment for individuals who are easing back into drug-free living as they undergo rehab. They’re just a short bike ride from the beach and are located near highways, shopping centers, and colleges. Each house features several amenities, including a washer and dryer, flat screen television, Internet access, hardwood floors, and marble countertops.

For more information about our addiction treatment facilities and structured sober living homes, fill out our contact form or call us at to speak to one of our Recovery Admissions Counselors.