12-Step Programs

People who are attempting to recover from substance abuse or addiction face a very challenging road ahead of them. Without support and proper treatment, many run the risk of relapsing. This is why it is so important to find the right programs that can help you stay clean and sober. Of the available therapy options, one of the most popular tools for addiction recovery is a 12-step program for substance abuse. When you or your loved one starts down the path of recovery, it is important to understand what exactly a 12-step addiction program entails and whether it is suitable as a part of your recovery plan. The concept of a 12-step program for addiction has its roots in alcohol addiction and recovery, but this type of program has extended beyond alcohol and is now used to help people recover from crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin addictions as well. The original 12-step program for alcohol addiction was developed more than 75 years ago, and it, like most of today’s 12-step programs, relies heavily on spiritual principles. A 12-step addiction program can be a key part of one’s addiction recovery plan and continue to be useful after treatment is completed, as it is a form of group therapy. Finding group support is important, as it ensures that people do not go through the process alone. Feeling comfortable and safe is a crucial part of any group therapy, and it is a part of a 12-step program’s appeal, as people are able to interact with individuals who personally relate with the experience and struggle of recovering from addiction. For many, a 12-step program for drug addiction is a much-needed source of support and encouragement. While going through the program and completing the steps, individuals will:
  • Admit that they are powerless over their addiction
  • Acknowledge and surrender to a higher power
  • Look at past mistakes
  • Make amends for mistakes if possible
  • Learn a new way of behaving
  • Give back by helping others who suffer from the same type of addiction
This type of program is not ideal for everyone. As a result, variations on the traditional 12-step program have been created to make it more appealing to a wider range of individuals who are recovering from addiction. At True Recovery, we incorporate elements of a 12-step program for substance abuse and 12-step alternative exploration into some of our programs; however, these are just two of the many elements that can be incorporated into our customized addiction treatment programs. At True Recovery, we provide our clients with so much more than they can find at a typical 12-step program for addiction. To help ensure that our clients experience a successful recovery, our treatment methods include a mix of scientific, holistic, and traditional programs. Our professional counselors and therapists will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that uses the best treatments for you and your specific needs. Additionally, we place great value on helping our clients to discover passions and interests and make realistic plans for their personal and emotional fulfillment. At True Recovery, we welcome individuals who are experiencing rehab for the first time and those who’ve slipped and need further assistance to get back on track with their recovery. People interested in our alternative rehab program can learn more about incorporating elements of a 12-step program for drug addiction into their care by calling us to speak with an admissions counselor today.