True Recovery Drug & Alcohol Detox

The path to freedom from drug and alcohol addiction must start somewhere – and that is to detox from all harmful substances. Not surprisingly, this first crucial step to freedom is also the most physically and physiologically painful part of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

To make matters worse, detoxing from drug and alcohol addiction can be potentially fatal in some cases.

The seemingly endless cycle of drug and alcohol addiction simply cannot be broken without completing the first crucial step of detoxing from all harmful substances.

The team at True Recovery aims to make the detox process as painless as possible. We are committed to the unique and individual needs of every client on their first stop on the road to recovery.

We encourage our clients to make themselves at home, while enjoying the serenity of our facilities in Orange County, CA.

The success rate and safety of those seeking to take the first crucial step to a life free of drugs and alcohol can be greatly increased by enrolling in a professional detox center.

What is True Recovery’s Drug & Alcohol Detox?

True Recovery Detox is a fully licensed medical detox center operating out of Orange County, California. True Recovery Detox provides a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment where those seeking to take the first crucial step in recovery can do so under 24/7 medical supervision of a compassionate staff.

The primary goal of True Recovery Detox is not just to serve our clients with achieving a full detox, but to do so in the least uncomfortable and least painful way possible.

True Recovery is fully licensed by the Department of Health Care Services of California.

What are the benefits of attending True Recovery Detox?

While each substance of abuse has different withdrawal symptoms, they all have one universal thing in common – detoxing from them is an incredibly difficult and painful process. In some cases, a cold-turkey detox can even be fatal.

It is the extreme difficulty of detoxing that keeps those afflicted with substance abuse in a perpetual cycle of relapse despite ever-growing consequences. Removing the individual from their circumstances and providing them a safe place to detox under medical supervision greatly increases their chances of completing the process.

Our compassionate medical staff will do everything possible to minimize the painful symptoms of withdrawal our clients are going to endure, and ensure that our clients will not have to go at it alone.

Take the First Crucial Step

The seemingly never-ending cycle of addiction can be stopped, and recovery can be achieved. All it requires is taking the first crucial step of recovery, which is to detox from all drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one is ready to take the first crucial step, please contact us here or call our admissions staff 24/7 at (866) 399-6528.