Orange County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Interventions

In Orange County and across the United States, Alcohol and drug addiction affect the lives of people regardless of age, race, or socio-economic status. Some who struggle with addiction are aware of their issues, the risks thereof, and that they need help to overcome their substance abuse problem. Others, however, are not as self-aware and may be in denial that they have a substance abuse problem at all. Still, there are others who feel that any drug habit they may have isn't severe enough to need professional help. When people are unable or unwilling to see that they have a substance abuse problem, intervention may be necessary. A drug and alcohol intervention can feel like a drastic measure, as they often occur at a point when the individual's substances abuse has become severe enough to spark concern for their health and well-being. When done properly, an intervention encourages one to seek addiction treatment at a facility. That's where True Recovery comes in.  True Recovery is an Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab that has highly trained staff including intervention specialists that service the Orange County area and across the United States. Orange County Drug Abuse InterventionOrange County Drug Abuse Intervention

What Is An Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is a gathering of individuals who care deeply about the well-being of a person who denies their substance abuse or addiction. Each of these people confronts the substance abuser about their patterns of behavior, explaining how it has negatively impacted their life and their relationship with them. In addition, each participant outlines consequences that the substance user will face should they refuse to seek treatment. The intervention is a well thought out action in which the participants have created a plan of action that entails individualized addiction recovery and drug rehab at True Recovery in Newport Beach. The people who participate in the substance abuse intervention are most often family members and close friends; however, it can also involve co-workers, members of one's church, or anyone who cares about the health and future of the individual with the addiction. A professional interventionist or a drug counselor is also an important part of an alcohol or drug addiction intervention.

Are Drug & Alcohol Interventions Successful?

To be most successful, substance abuse interventions require professional guidance. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), 90 percent of people agree to seek help when a highly trained interventionist or counselor is involved. These individuals can offer important guidance and are crucial if there is a history of mental illness or suicidal tendencies. They are often involved in the intervention itself, as well as the planning thereof. The success of an intervention also greatly depends on who participates. When planning an intervention for alcohol abuse or drug addiction, success also relies on the participation of people whom the individual respect and value.

What are the Risks of an Addiction Intervention?

Interventions are not without risk. Though they may be generally successful, it is extremely important that they are well planned and executed properly, as failure has great consequence. An intervention that is not properly executed may cause the loved one to feel as if they've been betrayed or rejected. The threat of consequences may make them feel pressured and cause them to refuse treatment out of spite. The person who is suffering from substance addiction may withdraw from the people who care for them and turn to others who may encourage continued use of alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, some people who refuse at the time of the intervention may come around and agree at a later date as a result of the actions taken by those who participate in the intervention.

Care Following the Intervention

Following one's drug and alcohol intervention, it is important that they receive the appropriate level of care needed to overcome their addictions. True Recovery plays an important role in preparing people to become passionate, productive, and substance-free members of society again. At our safe and comfortable facilities, we provide addiction counseling and offer our clients a range of treatments and therapies headed by experienced doctors, therapists, and counselors. An important part of our structured and customized treatment program is to help clients rediscover their passions and discover new interests that will help them to find their best selves in sober living (Our Sober Living Homes) and effectively reduce their cravings while reaching their goals, and remain drug or alcohol-free. When planning an intervention for addiction in Orange County, speak with a True Recovery admissions counselor about how we can help. Call our Orange County Addiction Treatment Center today and help someone important get the treatment that they truly need.