Alcohol Addiction

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcoholism is the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death in the US, with 88,000 deaths attributed to excessive alcohol use a year. And one of the most devastating results of alcohol addiction and abuse is that it doesn’t just harm the person who is addicted. It affects friends, family members, and the public at large.

Recognizing Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol abuse and addiction can be harder to recognize than other narcotic abuse because it is legal for adults over 21. More often than not, alcohol is offered at parties and social gatherings with little to no consequences. But there are a few tell-tale signs of alcohol abuse and addiction:

  • The need to drink alone or at odd hours (early in the morning, at work, etc.)
  • The inability to “have a good time” without drinking
  • Drinking impacting everyday activities, such as work or taking care of family
  • DUIs or other alcohol-related crimes
  • A hospital stay because of excessive alcohol use (having to get your stomach pumped, etc.)

Get the Treatment You Deserve

True Recovery’s alcohol addiction program is dedicated to stopping this senseless harm. The first step in living a sober lifestyle is identifying the problem and being admitted into a rehab program; if you or your loved one knows it’s time to get help, you may have to start with a detoxification program. After detox, your alcohol addiction treatment can begin at True Recovery.

When you undergo alcohol addiction treatment at True Recovery, you are not only given the support you need to meet your current and ongoing goals, such as academic counseling, but we also provide addiction and life skills counseling. Our treatment programs for alcohol abuse also incorporate holistic therapies, such as art and self-expression work, that other treatment centers don’t offer.

The True Recovery Difference

Rehab is designed to help people learn how to cope without turning to alcohol, but at True Recovery we go above and beyond the standard, cookie-cutter treatments that some facilities offer. In fact, we’re one of the most successful alcohol treatment centers in Orange County because of our unconventional thinking and therapies.

Clients at True Recovery benefit from our highly structured transition and sober living program, which is dedicated to helping you rediscover your dreams and turn them into realities. The skills needed to do so will not only help you successfully achieve your recovery goals, but also provide a source of motivation that can reduce cravings for alcohol. Our customized intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is suitable for those recovering from alcohol abuse for the first time and those who may have had a relapse.

If you are serious about getting your life on track and staying sober, contact our recovery professionals today.