Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction is a serious condition requiring skilled intervention and attention from highly trained professionals. In Orange County, many people struggling with addiction will be best served by participating in an intensive outpatient program, or IOP, at some point in the continuum of care. An IOP allows you to receive treatment while living offsite and regularly visiting an addiction treatment campus like True Recovery's in Newport Beach, CA. Admission to and successful completion of these types of programs can depend on a client's particular circumstances, including the severity of an addiction, type of drug abused, and treatment history. At True Recovery, we offer unique intensive outpatient programs in Orange County that will allow you to work on your recovery and move toward your life goals while maintaining a sense of control over your professional and personal lives. Those seeking recovery in a variety of circumstances may qualify for treatment in an intensive outpatient program. The program can be ideal for those who do not wish to participate in a residential program, but are still strongly committed to their addiction recovery, as well as those who may have slipped up and are seeking to regain a foothold in recovery after a brief relapse. An IOP may also be suitable for those who have completed residential treatment and need structured support as they cope with a relapse or make their transition back to independent living. In addition, substance abusers with a dual diagnosis may graduate to outpatient programs like ours in Newport Beach as their needs change. At True Recovery, clients will undergo an initial assessment and psychiatric evaluation to determine their viability as a candidate for individualized outpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment can be appropriate for clients who do not have to undergo a detoxification process, but for those who do, we can help you find a detox center for this purpose and then assist in a seamless transition into one of our rehab programs. Rather than focusing on monitored recovery 24 hours a day, outpatient clients can expect to devote a modest number of hours to regimented recovery activities through individualized or group process therapy, which can include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and other proven methods. Those who undergo IOP treatment are typically assigned to small groups of peers and matched with skilled professionals, then use these collectives as their primary support network as they work toward sobriety, build self-esteem, and learn important life skills. At True Recovery, groups are kept small to ensure that clients get the individualized care that they deserve. Our highly qualified staff is attentive to the needs of clients as they reach each milestone in the process of recovery. With the assistance of supportive peers and our compassionate team, clients can transform themselves and adopt personal philosophies that can serve as the bedrock of the rest of their lives, regardless of their background or the specifics of their addiction. While clients are able to participate in an IOP program while living off campus, the therapies and steps required to achieve addiction recovery remain similar to those found in inpatient programs. But our goal-focused approach is unique: We encourage you to work toward a dream you didn't think was possible while you were addicted, whether it's furthering your education, starting on a new career path, or rebuilding relationships with family and friends, and use this goal to motivate your recovery. We also help our clients explore other hobbies and interests that can be beneficial to long term recovery. Since every addiction has its own unique set of circumstances surrounding it, each client will follow a customized treatment plan designed by highly trained professionals who are able to determine the underlying causes of the substance abuse and develop an alternative rehab program to combat it. At True Recovery, we take great care to discover our clients' passions and create treatment plans around them, making recovery feel as natural as possible. Call today to speak with an admissions counselor and determine if you or your loved one may benefit from outpatient treatment at True Recovery in Orange County.