Men’s Addiction Treatment

Recovering from drug abuse or addiction is a challenging experience that can be further complicated by the presence of the opposite sex.

Some men find it difficult to undergo treatment while in the presence of women, and because of that, they may seek help at a men’s addiction treatment center.

Men and women experience addiction very differently. True Recovery’s Men’s Only Rehab program provides focused programs for men seeking to achieve lifelong sobriety.

At True Recovery’s Men’s Only Rehab program, we will focus on your specific mental, physical, and social needs for your best chance of a sober life.

The Benefits of a Rehab for Men

There are a number of reasons why you might choose from a men’s only rehab drug program, including more honest communication and fewer distractions.

Culturally, men tend to have a difficult time opening up. As a result, many of their emotional issues and past traumas often go unaddressed.

For men with substance abuse problems, avoiding negative feelings and underlying issues can result in relapse or continued use of alcohol or drugs.

Once men begin to share their dreams, fears, and frustrations with other men and therapists, they begin to embrace new coping skills that can help facilitate a lifetime of recovery.

In an all-male environment, you might feel as if you can speak more openly and honestly, particularly about topics that are embarrassing to discuss in the presence of women. You may also find that you are less distracted.

During the early stages of recovery, a person with an addictive personality may use sex or relationships in the place of drugs or alcohol.

While this may eliminate the desire for drugs or alcohol for a time, it’s not a reliable way to curb your cravings.

Additionally, a relationship that ends in a breakup during the recovery process can cause you to regress or hinder your ability to achieve your recovery goals.

By taking part in a program that provides drug rehab for men only, you can avoid these particular problems.

Rehab for Men

If you choose True Recovery’s men’s addiction treatment program, you can expect the same level of individualized therapy that True Recovery is known for.

Whether you’re undergoing rehab for the first time or you’ve slipped in your recovery, our highly trained and professional staff is here to help you find your passion in life and guide you in developing the skills needed to achieve your goals.

Men’s Rehab Center in Orange County

True Recovery in Orange County provides men’s only rehab programs for those seeking to embrace a life free of addiction and dependency. Located in sunny Newport Beach, CA, True Recovery’s treatment facilities look more like a resort than a medical center.

Some of True Recovery’s men’s addiction treatment and dependency programs include:

  • A supervised and pet-friendly facility
  • Residential and intensive outpatient programs
  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment and therapies
  • And much more

Do you have questions about our men’s addiction treatment center or want to learn more about how our customized alternative rehab programs can help make your addiction recovery a success?

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