Orange County Sober Living

Orange County, located in southern California, is often seen as a place of warm weather, sunshine, and beaches. But it is also a place where people come seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction or abuse. In Orange County, you’ll find a number of rehab programs, and some, like True Recovery’s, are even associated with sober living homes. Because transitioning from addiction to clean living can be a difficult, frightening, and lonely experience, it is important that you are comfortable throughout the process. It is helpful to understand how a sober living community in Orange County can play a part in easing you back into a substance-free lifestyle.


Why Is Sober Living Necessary?

When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it becomes a driving force in their lives. It often affects their ability to function and deal with daily stressors. Eventually, it may even eliminate one’s desire or ability to socialize with others, including their friends, family, and co-workers. When a person goes into recovery, they must learn new ways to handle emotions and situations without alcohol or the use of drugs. Learning new skills and techniques for living without drugs is a part of the rehab experience; however, it can be challenging for most people, and the risk of relapse is often at its worst early in the rehab process. Sober living homes in Orange County can provide a safe, comfortable, and highly structured place for individuals to begin their transition to drug-free living with the guidance of counselors and the support of others who are recovering from addiction.


Why Orange County?

When it comes to rehab and sober living, Orange County, CA, has you covered. Not only is it the home of our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP), but it is also the location for our sober living communities. Because they are in neighboring cities, you will naturally be in an Orange County sober living community when you seek treatment and sober housing from us; however, there are other reasons why this is the ideal location for you or anyone who is in recovery to call home while in rehab. Primarily, it is an environment that can prove helpful to one’s state of mind during the initial recovery process. When you experience sober living in Orange County, you will be in close proximity to major attractions such as Disneyland as well as beaches, hiking trails, parks, art, and theater. This wealth of activity can encourage individuals to develop new interests that they can explore during their stay in sober living homes. Orange County activities, attractions, and lifestyle may even inspire people to live healthier and more physically lives.


How Does Sober Living Work?

When True Recovery clients choose to stay at one of our Orange County sober living homes, they are entering an environment that is both structured and supportive. Residents are expected to follow guidelines and are held accountable for their actions. During their stay, they may have a private or semi-private room in a house or townhouse that has all of the features one would expect in a home environment. This includes a washer and dryer, Internet access, hardwood floors, flat-screen televisions, and even a gourmet kitchen.

While staying in sober living, people in recovery must not use or bring any mind- or mood-altering substances into the house, including over-the-counter items such as mouthwash, which may include alcohol. Regular urine testing is required to ensure that no one in the home has relapsed. Additionally, residents are required to continue their addiction counseling sessions. Failure to uphold their responsibilities or follow rules can result in being asked to leave.


Starting Your Recovery

Addiction recovery is a multi-layered process that includes highly trained and professional doctors, therapists, and general staff. One increases their chances of success by opting to stay in a facility dedicated to sober living. Orange County, CA, is an ideal setting for recovery, as clients can enroll in our alternative rehab program in Newport Beach and stay in our highly structured sober living community in Costa Mesa. At True Recovery, we provide individualized care in the form of a customized treatment plan. We’ll help you rediscover or find your passion and help you set goals and achieve them. Even those who have relapsed may seek treatment and support at True Recovery and our Orange County sober living houses. Call today to speak with an admissions counselor.

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