Substance Abuse and Addiction Rehab for Women

When it comes to addiction treatment, a sense of safety and comfort play a large part in your success. For some women, these two elements may be lacking in mixed-gender substance abuse programs, making it difficult to receive the level of care that they need. In cases like this, it’s worth looking into treatment at rehab centers for women only. These women’s rehab centers, however, are not the only solution.

At True Recovery, we understand that different women may not respond to situations in the same way, and this includes their response to addiction treatment programs. That’s why we offer women-only rehab programs, which allow us to provide treatment to women in an environment that is both safe and comfortable.

The Benefits of A Women’s Addiction Rehab Program

Why do some women prefer care at a women’s addiction treatment center or through a program that is gender-specific? The reasons are as varied as the women who prefer them.

Some women may feel embarrassed or self-conscious speaking about gender-specific issues related to their addiction in front of men. This can be particularly problematic if males are the majority during a group therapy session. It may also be harder for these women to build connections with peers, because of this. For those who need that strong emotional support, a women’s only rehab center may be for you.

True Recovery’s Individualized Addiction Recovery Treatment

At True Recovery, our rehab program for women is designed to help you get a superior level of care in an atmosphere that is professional and female-friendly. Our treatment programs incorporate Eastern practices such as tai chi and acupuncture, as well as group process therapy, art and expression group therapies, and cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT.

Our highly-trained staff also provides life skills counseling and compassionate care. While helping you discover or rediscover your interests and passions, we also help you use those interests to inspire transformation and set goals for their recovery and future. Our facility accepts most types of private insurance coverage and you can complete our insurance verification form to ensure coverage.