Benzo Detox

Drugs such as Xanax and Ativan are both tranquilizers, depressants that belong to a group known as benzodiazepines. Popularly referred to as benzos, they are legal medications that are generally prescribed to reduce anxiety, help individuals sleep, and enable the body to relax by slowing down the function of the brain.

Although they are valuable medications, they do pose a risk of abuse and addiction when taken in a way other than prescribed. When a person who abuses or is addicted to benzos attempts to discontinue their use, they may suffer from a number of serious problems as their body attempts to rid itself of the negative effects of the drug.

When a person is ready to regain control from their benzo addiction, they will need to do so safely and under the care and supervision of medical professionals. Because of the dangers of benzo withdrawal and the potential risks, one should ideally seek out benzo detox centers that are licensed and accredited to provide top-quality care.

Fortunately, True Recovery can help you during this important first stage of ending your addiction by  undergoing benzodiazepine detoxification at our highly qualified and fully licensed detox facility.

Why Benzo Detox?

People need to detox from benzos to lessen the symptoms that are associated with withdrawal. Withdrawal occurs when a person who has an addiction to or dependence on a benzodiazepine drug suddenly stops taking it. As the drug fully leaves the body, one’s system attempts to find balance and return to its natural state.

This can result in a number of highly unpleasant, debilitating, and potentially dangerous symptoms. These symptoms of benzo withdrawal may include emotional outbursts, paranoia and thoughts of persecution, depression, anxiety, insomnia, body aches, tremors, and seizures. One may also have thoughts of committing suicide.

Seeking medical assistance to detox from benzodiazepines is crucial, as it can prevent one from harming themselves as a reaction to the withdrawal symptoms. In addition, completing supervised detoxification followed by a customized rehab program such as those at True Recovery reduces the risk of relapsing during withdrawal and after.

People who abuse or are addicted to these drugs are not the only ones who may need to detox from benzos. People who use these drugs according to their doctor’s prescription may also develop a dependence that causes withdrawal.

Regardless of how one is taking the drug, the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on how long they’ve used it and the dosage.

What Happens During Benzo Detoxification?

Benzodiazepine detox should take place in a safe environment such as a detox center or hospital. These environments take the person away from temptation and provide the individual with medical supervision and care. In most cases, people are tapered off of the drug over a period of weeks as opposed to stopping it suddenly.

As one undergoes the benzodiazepine detoxification process, symptoms will fluctuate in severity over the course of their care. To help alleviate some of these symptoms, the doctor overseeing their care may provide medication.

Benzo Detox in Orange County

Benzo detox centers are only the first step in overcoming an addiction to benzos. After your successful benzodiazepine detox, we will help you transition from the detox facility to our extended-care program and, if desired, our comfortable and structured sober living facilities.

Our highly trained staff are here to help you prepare for a future without benzos by giving you the tools, training, and techniques to handle cravings. Because slips happen, our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is here to offer individualized care regardless of whether you’ve relapsed or are undergoing rehab for the first time.

For more information on how we can help with addiction recovery after you’ve detoxed from benzos, contact us today to speak to an admissions counselor.

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