Just like the main characters of so many of our favorite stories, when we are experiencing mental health challenges, it feels like we are being thrown into a path that we never wanted to be on in the first place. Where we felt like we had our general direction figured out and had a basic idea of where we were headed, now that is suddenly changed dramatically as we try to adjust to what we are now experiencing. It is frustrating and overwhelming at first as you start to feel your life is now out of your control. Now, you don’t know what’s going to happen and you don’t know how to live the life you are now in. You entered treatment and now have a better idea of what that life will look like. You now know how to cope with your condition, you know the right tools to use in order to help with any emotional or mental turmoil, and you know how to maintain a stable, serene life. But when we leave treatment, we still have that feeling of the journey not being over. While we are in a much better place, we still know that the rest of our life is going to be affected by this little thing in our head. It still feels scary and you can find yourself thinking back to how your life was before you ever experienced mental illness, and how you wish you could get that back. It’s a natural reaction to this new journey ahead of you, but in a lot of ways, you’re better off on this new path than you were before. 

The first thing you need to accept, and it is pretty frank, is that this is just how it is. Unfortunately, a lot of what has happened was out of our control and we can’t change that. The more we dwell on longing for what it was like before, the less time and focus we have on making the present situation better. We have to accept the new way we are going to live our lives and work on making us the best us we can in that. It’s totally fine to miss the days before mental illness – we think a lot of us feel that way – but it is important to not dwell on that feeling. Keep looking forward and try to focus on how to make the present as good as it can be. 


Coming to Terms with Our New Life After Treatment

In all reality, in a really weird way,  it’s good that you are in this place now. There is a good possibility that your mental struggles are a result of unhealthy behaviors or habits that you had before. They were consequences of practices that you took part in and they ultimately led you to a dark place. Recovery is about addressing those behaviors and fixing them. We want to help you reflect back on yourself and find the ways you can change for the better. While there can be some hardships that come from this whole experience, there are also good things like your ability to address the things in you that need to change. You are stronger than you were before, you have a greater understanding of yourself and others, and you are capable of tackling so many more challenges than you ever thought you could. You have just gone through hell, there is no better way to say it, and you came out the other side alive, and stronger. You don’t need to feel like your life is now defunct or lesser than what it was before. You can still live the life you always wanted to and don’t need to be afraid of the new additions the path ahead. 

We are thrust into a new path of life when we encounter mental illness. That’s just the reality of the situation. But that doesn’t mean we have to roll over and let it bring us down. We don’t have to dwell on where we were before and how that compares to where we are now. We can look forward and focus on who we want to become. We can accept our lives for what they are, and begin to see that we just might be in a better place through it all. The strength we now possess and the things we are now capable of doing are incredible; we should not ignore that fact. We are stronger, more powerful, and better than we were. Mental illness and recovery change things, that is definite. But they don’t ruin things. Don’t be afraid to step out on this journey that life has given you, and find the things that can amaze you that you never thought could have been possible before. There are so many beautiful things that come from this new life, don’t let yourself be blinded to them. 


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