It’s almost befitting that the idea of celebrating a hot bath happens during one of the coldest months of the year. That’s right, January 8, 2021, is National Bubble Bath Day and is a day to commemorate all of the healing qualities of a hot bath. Yes, a hot bath is not exclusive to children and yellow duckies. Taking baths has a profound relationship with addiction recovery. They can be contemplative for the mind, therapeutic for the body, and overall, just plain relaxing. If you have had reservations about being a grown adult taking baths, use national bubble bath day to change your perspective. 

Baths Combat Depression

Recent studies show that a warm bath can more significantly affect mood than physical exercise. Additionally, those with depressive disorders often have a flatter body temperature, and therefore, their circadian rhythms become delayed. Taking a warm bath daily or at least consistently helps defend against depression because baths help increase the body’s core temperature, which helps to synchronize your circadian rhythm. Such synchronicity promotes better sleep and an adequate release of hormones such as melatonin and serotonin, essential to maintaining hormonal balance to defend against depression. 


Meditation is a powerful stress reliever that builds resilience and promotes inner peace. Meditation is an essential tool for your recovery. There are many different ways to meditate; however, each form is related to feeling comfortable and safe. Meditation is also about vulnerability, and research suggests that bathtub meditation benefits are incredibly profound because you are in your most relaxed and vulnerable state. 

Bathtub meditation also provides another element that, in addition to healing and nourishing your mental needs, also feeds your physical needs. Such relaxation could help you achieve a deeper state of meditation to help you sit with and confront the emotions waning on you. You can further heighten your senses by using sound therapy or aromatherapy with bath soaps or candles while you bathe. By doing this, you can turn your bath into one of the best therapeutic experiences.

Cool Healing

A hot bath might seem more tempting and even more your style, and this is okay. However, cool temperature baths also have healing benefits that can serve your recovery needs. Cool baths can also help to combat depression. Cool temperate water stimulates the production of noradrenaline and beta-endorphins, all while sending electrical impulses from your nerve endings to your brain. Studies show that these chemical reactions could have an anti-depressant effect on you.

A cool bath is also good for blood flow. While a hot bath is also good for blood flow, hot baths cause your pores to open up in a way to cool your body temperature, while cold or cool water helps to close your pores, which in turn helps your body insulate itself and hold in heat long after the bath. Cool water also helps strengthen and elevate your heart rate, which promotes better overall circulation. A cool bath in the morning can also be more effective than drinking coffee as it helps boost energy for the day. 

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, exposure to cold water can increase blood flow to the cardiovascular system. Coldwater also has significant psychological and biochemical changes in the body, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure and decreased cerebral flow. 

How to Take a Good Bath? 

There are no set rules about how you should conduct your bath time, but some guidelines help you get the most out of bath time. Try to pick a time where you are least likely to be distracted, so trying to squeeze in a bath on your lunch break will probably not work. Also f you have children, try to wait until after they are in bed. Regulate the temperature of the water. The saying about easing into a bath is true. Placing your body in too hot or too cold of water can put a strain on your heart. Instead, set the water to a mild-to-moderate temperature, then implement warmer or colder temperate water so that your body temperature can more naturally adjust. Mind the room, too. There is no worse feeling than stepping out of a warm bath only to start shivering in a cold room. If you can help it, try to regulate the room temp so it is not as harsh when you step out of the shower.


Baths stand to serve your mental, physical and spiritual needs. If you have never considered baths before, hopefully, you will now. They can become an essential tool in aiding in your recovery. No matter your preference, hot baths, cold baths, or both, use National Bubble Bath Day as an opportunity to engage all of your senses by taking a bath. Remember, recovery is a life-long process, so the more tools you have in your recovery toolbox, the more prepared you are to exercise resilience when life situations become challenging. If at any point you are feeling lost or weak in recovery, then reach out for help. At True Recovery, our primary goal is meeting you where you’re at in recovery; this way, we can assess your needs and provide you the treatment that is right for you. Our determination thrives on our patient’s abilities to sustain recovery long after treatment. With 24/7 admissions, there is never a wrong time to call. To learn more, call us at True Recovery today at (866) 399-6528.