Keep Your Head up Despite Student Loans and Looming Debt 

Our country encourages us to be dedicated to our pursuit of higher education but continues to make it as difficult and dangerous for us as possible. Not only is it hard to enter college knowing exactly what we want to do with our lives, but the financial requirements are incredibly steep. Young people are struggling to afford the prerequisite of success, and that is having a terrible effect on us. It doesn’t matter if you are still working on your degree or if you are twenty years post-graduation, student loans are an omnipresent concern. We borrow the money we need to get our degrees and find the job we want. Then, we are left with the ever-stressful task of paying that debt off. We are put in this awful situation with no escape in sight. This stress can cause a ton of mental issues, even after recovery. 

We know what the theoretical and ideal situation would be, i.e., finding a job out of school and paying the debt off quickly. Even if you are lucky enough to be in that situation, however, you can’t escape the stress. For a long time, the money you earn does not become your own. Instead, it goes toward paying back the money you loaned several years prior. Unfortunately, even that situation is not realistic for a lot of us. Many recent graduates struggle to find a job that can support them, let alone paying off debt in a reasonable manner. You can defer payments and make arrangements, but it’s rarely an ideal situation. Then there is the fear of your debts going to a collection agency and your loan defaulting. If this happens, you may be swallowed up in a panic. You find yourself at the bottom of a hole with no ladder or way out. We are warned repeatedly that this is the absolute worst-case scenario. We are told that defaulting on a loan makes you a failure and a disappointment and undeserving of good things. 

Escaping the Anxiety of Debt

That is what we call a depressive spiral: a thought process that causes you to continually think about negative things. That hole you think you have dug yourself into permanently is a hole that you have made in your mind. It is not real. You can work yourself out of it. No matter your situation, you are not stuck. You have options. In most cases, you just need to talk to someone. These agencies and the people who work for them will help you find the best choice, and you don’t have to do it alone. Don’t just talk to the people who are collecting from you either. Speak to your therapist, your doctor, your friends, and your family. Talk to the people who love and support you. Talking it through will give you a sense of clarity and relief. As we have said before, talking about it and putting it into words can make it all feel much more manageable. You are not a failure for having this happen to you; millions of people go through it. Our education system is broken, and it is set up for bigger institutions to benefit from us. It’s not right, and we don’t want to excuse it, but it is the reality of the situation, and it plagues many of us. Don’t feel like you are alone in it. 

Have Faith in Your Own Resilience

Getting a degree theoretically takes four years, but the financial aspects of it can haunt you for decades to come. We are told to pay off these loans as fast as we can. If we can’t, we are told that we’re being irresponsible or lazy. You don’t have to listen to these words. Take the situation seriously, of course, and don’t ignore it, but don’t think that struggling with it makes you any less of a person. Who you are is what matters most, and you are alive. That, in and of itself, is the greatest gift, and no collections agency can take that away from you. Life is your gift to hold on to. You can, and will, figure it out as you always do. You have conquered your brain before, and you will overcome this. You know what it means to fight, and you know you have the power to do it again. 

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