It’s so easy to think that the food we eat is only affecting us physically. When we think of food and eating, we are most likely to think about the calories and how they are adding weight to our bodies. We use the scale because we try to see the consequences of what we ate and we measure our stomachs because of every bite. We think about how eating right and eating healthy is going to do more to keep us slim rather than keep our heads clear. But the truth is that it does both. We should not only eat right because it will keep us physically healthy, but also because it will keep us mentally healthy as well. 

If we allow ourselves to eat healthier, we are more likely to experience feelings of well-being. It makes sense when you think about it. Our bodies use food and calories as fuel, and when we put good fuel into our bodies, they just work better in every way. It’s the same way that putting cleaner gas into a car will help keep the machine running smoothly. Your gastrointestinal tract is comprised of billions of bacteria that influence the creation of neurotransmitters, chemicals constantly carry messages to your brain from your gut. Examples of these chemicals are serotonin and dopamine, both of which do wonders in making your body feel better. The creation and maintenance of good bacteria in your digestive system will then, in turn, cause better functioning of neurotransmitters to your brain, causing a greater sense of well-being. Your body is dependent on the fuel that you are putting into it and if you keep putting junk into it, then you will see negative results and consequences. You can’t expect your body to be firing on all cylinders when it has nothing to feed off of. 

Talking About the Correlation Between Our Diet and Our Brain

There are a scientific basis and actual processes that will chemically help your body feel better, but there is also just a better mindset that it gives you. A lot of our mental illnesses and struggles are wrapped up in these negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. We see that we don’t eat very well and we beat ourselves up over it. We beat ourselves down, over and over, until we break. We view ourselves as lesser because of how we treat ourselves; we have all been there and we have all felt that. It is not a good feeling at all. If we eat the right foods, not only will we get that chemical reaction but we will just feel better about ourselves, in general. We feel more pride about how we are treating our bodies, we feel happy about our choices in food, and we feel more confident in the way we look. While we can’t stop a panic attack by eating a stick of celery, we can still help keep the possibility of a panic attack at a minimum by eating that celery. It helps give our life a fresher perspective, a happier perspective. It just feels better when we know that we are treating our bodies the right way. While eating junk food feels so good in the moment, when it’s all said and done, don’t we feel that sting of remorse? Like we made a mistake? If you don’t, then we envy you because that feeling of regret after gorging is terrible. It can the most defeating feeling in the world and the worst part is we know that we could have avoided it entirely. Now, it’s good to splurge every now and then, and allow yourself to eat badly; treating yourself is a popular phrase for a reason. But we have to practice some restraint and control, realizing that extensive splurging is a problem that we absolutely need to avoid.

Food is a huge part of our lives. Our meals are one of the absolutely essential parts of our day, and we often schedule our days out around those meals. We engage socially over food, we plan events in terms of food, and we budget ourselves for food. Food is an integral part of existing and it only makes sense to try to make that food as good as possible. It will not only help create better physical reactions in your body and enable better use of neurotransmitters to your brain, but it will also give you a better mindset with how you feel happier about who you are. The recovery process is very much dependent on your ability to find the things you should feel proud of, and if you can eat better food to help with that, why wouldn’t you? Give your body the fuel it deserves and let the rewards come naturally. We have the power to help ourselves improve our mental state and we should always opt for that option. 


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