Does Holistic Treatment Really Work?

People all over the country suffer from many ailments on a daily basis such as injuries, mental disorders, and substance abuse. Due to a lack of the right kind of help, these ailments can lead to a downward spiral in one’s life.

Doctors often prescribe painkillers to help a patient cope. Unfortunately, these painkillers can do us more harm than good. Typically, painkillers and other forms of pain masking drugs do not get to the source of the problem which can create a slippery slope for tolerance and addiction.

Perhaps it is time to consider holistic treatment. Of course, some might worry that holistic methods might not work for them. However, holistic treatments can not only offer a number of positive alternatives to treatment but also offer methods that support recovery for a longer-lasting effect.  


It Takes Courage

Don’t forget that it takes great courage to choose to get better without being under the spell of drugs, so you’re already taking a step in the right direction. It also takes an open mind to consider holistic or alternative treatments to that of a traditional doctor. Traditional doctors are still great for many things regarding our health, however, holistic doctors can be even more effective at treating ailments of the mind, body, and soul that are unique to each patient.


Quality Care

  • No Trends: A good holistic doctor will not aim to push some kind of trend on you. Just as there are many negative stigmas surrounding doctors, it really will come down to how you build your relationship with your holistic doctor. 


  • Not pill pushers: Maybe a selling point here should be to know that holistic doctors never aim to prescribe you supplements for longer than you need. They will evaluate where you’re lacking and focus on correcting it, rather than try to heal everything with prescription pills. With these methods comes structuring, the goal is to get you to implement natural methods and practices so that you can build better and longer-lasting habits. 


  • Adding more tools in recovery: The whole idea is to provide you with the tools you need to thrive rather than risk you relying on pills. Some prescribed medications only mask the symptoms rather than treat the whole problem. Further, these practices will help you better structure a longer-lasting recovery.  


Holistic Doctors’ Approach

  • Unconventional in a good way: Holistic doctors do view the process of healing the mind, body, and soul differently, but it is not wands and magic like some make it out to be. That kind of thinking stems from ignorance and possibly fear. 


  • Intelligent and informed: Holistic doctors do a great deal of research and in fact, never stop researching their methods, unlike an MD which may or may not become somewhat jaded in routine.


  • Morally motivated: Further, most of the holistic doctors become involved with this kind of medicine because of their morals. Rather, it is a moral choice. I personally find it refreshing that somebody uses their good morals to treat patients rather than offer a routine diagnosis.



  • A Stronger Doctor/Patient Bond: Making a bond with your holistic doctor just as you would your therapist or personal trainer will form a trust like you have never had with a medical professional. A holistic doctor can know you through and through like an animal whisperer who can read my energy, so to speak. You will know immediately if your holistic doctor will be the right one for you. 



If you are in a place where you feel “traditional medicine” is not working, consider the alternatives. Alternative treatment not only offers an array of different treatments specific to each patient, but patients who seek alternative care have a better recovery rate.

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