We can often feel like we exist in an endless ocean of loud voices, screaming over each other without any sense of coherence or anything really being heard. We pick up a word here and there, we may catch a sentence briefly, or we may not hear anything at all, really; it may just end up being a wall of sound with no discernible message being told. With social media, the news, our daily lives, there are so many voices going at once. So many stories and ideas being put out there, different angles to the same story, yet telling a different story. It’s all overwhelming and deafening, it drowns out so much, so how can we feel like what we are saying matters? Does it matter? Given our experiences and our position, we can share stories that really do matter. Stories that can reach and move a lot of people, causing them to think about something differently. We have stories that matter, as do so many other people, and it’s hard to feel like those stories can be heard among the noise.


Trying to Feel Heard Among the Noise

We can post our statuses on our social media pages, make a post about mental illness, and hope that a good portion of our followers will see it. We can speak with our friends in person, but that’s just a handful of people. It’s hard to feel like those stories are being heard and making a difference when it feels like it is on such a small scale. Meanwhile, stories of humans constantly being horrible to each other, tragedy strikes those who don’t deserve it, and the vitriol aimed at others is spread like wildfire around the world. It feels like only the worst of the worst is what gets shared, like our world is addicted to spreading only the bad news. Not that our experiences or suffering are good things, but there is good that comes from it. Speaking out about our struggles with mental illness do a lot to help break down the stigmas around it. But our society refuses to listen to it. Instead, we have to witness an endless gauntlet of debates and hatred disguised as politics. Meanwhile, we have something really powerful to share. 

It’s easy to let this shut us up or weaken our voice. If we don’t have an audience to listen to, what’s the point of speaking? Is it going to make a difference or are we just talking to nothing? It’s not about the size of the impact, as long as an impact is being made, and we can guarantee you that your story has an impact. Don’t feel like just because there is a lot of noise around us that we can’t listen to what you have to say. The size of your audience doesn’t matter. Change isn’t something that needs to be ranked or quantified, compared to other movements. Sure, there are movements out there that are changing on a much grander level, but that doesn’t make it any more important or valuable than what you can do. By speaking with anyone, just one person, you can change that person. You can be the story that brings them back from the ledge, and if you can do that, isn’t that worth it? A crowd of people being moved does not need to be held to a higher regard than that one person. If you can help just one person, you have done enough. You have done something truly incredible. To think there is no value in affecting just one person is doing yourself a discredit. Never, and we mean never, be afraid to speak out, even if it feels like everything else is too loud. 

The noise is going to keep ringing out, it is going to keep trying to drown you out and diminish your voice. There are people in this world who want nothing more than to be the loudest voice, screaming. They are going to keep raising their voices in an effort to sound and feel superior. Don’t let that take away from the fact that you have something to say too. And even if they have more people listening, they have people that are yelling back. You can have people that listen, that truly listen, and take in every word you say. While their large audience devolves into a shouting match, your smaller one becomes a place of acceptance and change. Never compare yourself to others in what you can do; you have the ability to make a change that matters. Your story deserves to be heard and it will be heard. As long as you keep speaking, we will keep listening and we will keep moving forward. Change doesn’t have to happen in the headlines; it can be among the people. That’s all that matters. 


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