Everyone knows that driving drunk or driving under the influence of drugs is a dangerous and inconsiderate action that endangers not only the driver but the safety and lives of others as well.

And yet, a staggering number of accidents and fatalities still happen every year due to impaired driving or drinking and driving.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offense defined as managing a vehicle while alcohol, drugs, or both are in your system.

Since these substances are frequently addictive, it can be particularly hard for those who are reliant on these substances to avoid using them, even when they are about to get behind the wheel.

For these people, it’s important to get drug and alcohol treatment before they harm themselves or others. If they are arrested for and convicted of DUI, often, a court will make the decision for them by ordering them to complete an addiction treatment program.

Here are some of the most recent drunk driving statistics:

Blood Alcohol Concentration Facts

Facts About Driving Under the Influence

Talking to Your Kids About Driving Under the Influence

  • Teenage Drinking: Understanding the Dangers and Talking to Your Child: More than half of those younger than 21 in the U.S. have tried alcohol, which exposes them to many risk factors.
  • According to Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, the fatality rate of alcohol-related incidents in young adults ages 18-20 is twice as high as that of those older than 21.
  • Seven Ways to Stop Teens From Drinking and Driving: This article reports that having a plan, including establishing rules and consequences, having a secret code word or phrase with your teen, or having them sign a written contract, can help prevent teens from driving drunk or riding with a drunk driver.
  • Talking to Your Child About Drugs: Acting out different scenarios with your kids through role-playing can help them know how to act and what to say if they ever encounter a situation where they might be endangered by drugs or alcohol.
  • How to Talk to Your Child About Marijuana: This page suggests four responses to common things your teen might say or ask about marijuana. When it comes to marijuana, many kids know that it is legal in some places, but make sure they understand that it is still illegal for many people and it is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana.
  • Drugs and Driving: Studies show that about one in five parents and a third of teens believe that driving under the influence of marijuana isn’t as bad as drunk driving.
  • Driving After Using Marijuana: This page provides information on why driving after using marijuana is not safe.
  • Preventing Impaired Driving in Your Teen: If parents are proactive about helping teens to avoid drinking and setting consequences for them, it can help reduce the likelihood that they’ll end up driving drunk.
  • When Should You Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents start the conversation about alcohol with their kids well before the age at which they might be tempted to try it.
  • Help Teens Avoid Regret: Having an open dialogue with your teen is key to helping them avoid the dangers of impaired driving, whether they’re the potential driver or passenger.

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