Find Your Inner Voice

Amid quarantine, you have likely discovered a lot about yourself. You spend a lot of time with your thoughts and have likely formed your assessment of the current situation. However, because your thoughts are influenced by the outlets around you — including news sources, social media, friends, and family — their ideas and opinions might be interfering with how you feel and interfering with your recovery. You might not be interpreting things as clearly or as honestly and reflecting upon your journey thus far in an unhealthy way.

These outside influences could have you skewed right now to focus on negatives — where you went wrong in the past and how things will go wrong in the future. You may have disconnected from using positive methods to help you think rationally, so now you feel isolated, scared, and voiceless. If so, it’s time to find your inner voice again.

Find Your Truth

The journey to rediscovering your voice begins with finding your inner truth. It’s easy to subscribe to what others believe, but ask yourself — is this what you believe? We are all experiencing an oppressive situation, but what is your reality? To find your truth, you need to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s reality and acknowledge your own.

When evaluating your inner thoughts, you can liberate yourself from the emotional responses of others. Everybody is reacting to our current situation differently. Try to be aware of and understand the differences between friends and family when talking about the same problems.

You will discover that they have different ways to manage how they are feeling — use this to prove to yourself that you, too have a different way of dealing with stress. Allow yourself to explore how you feel and begin to form your assessment of the reality of your situation.

Speak Up

In today’s world especially, there may be obstacles that seem to prevent you from having a voice. Everybody is experiencing some level of anxiety, yet you may feel that you have no place to express it. However, there are many places to share how you feel. Begin using your voice in a safe setting, such as with your therapist or a close friend.

Work on becoming comfortable using your voice with these trusted people and then challenge yourself to step outside of this comfort zone. Accept how others react, but always remain true to yourself. You can work on this at a comfortable pace, but the goal should be to speak comfortably around everybody.

Don’t Be Afraid

You do not need permission to speak up and have a voice. Your thoughts are just as valid as anyone else’s. You should respect your own opinion much like you respect the opinions of those around you. When speaking up and expressing your thoughts, you might discover that you can open a discussion among yourself and your peers, bringing you even closer together. Your voice and how you feel might also help others think about things from another perspective.

Be Strong

The more you look into your soul and bring out your truth, the stronger your voice will become. Don’t fall into the trap of being a “yes” person. When you use your voice, you should not feel the need to appease others by being passive and always agreeing. Instead, this expression of your innermost honesty can offer you peace and confidence in the direction you want to go in life.

Your opinion will challenge others to think differently — and in doing so, your voice will gain respect and others will care about what you need to say. More importantly, you will have respect for yourself when you look inside and speak from your inner truth.

Discover Your Self-Worth

Finding your voice is not just about saying how you feel — it’s about growing and discovering yourself from within. It can be hard to speak up for fear of saying something that somebody might not agree with, but when you are true to yourself and open-minded, the difference of opinions should lead to a healthy discussion that offers clarity and respect. The meaning behind finding your voice is recognizing and challenging your own views.

This practice of minding your thoughts and discovering how you feel during trying times will allow you to speak with conviction and clarity, and finally honor yourself. When you regularly practice this, you can easily find your way back if or when you falter. You will discover your self-worth. You will be able to respect the opinions of others, but separate yourself from feeling how they feel — and this is the ultimate form of evolution of the self.

If you are struggling to find an outlet to begin expressing yourself and finding your inner truth, we can help. True Recovery offers 24/7 care that is designed to meet your needs, whether it’s alternative care, traditional care, or a blend of both. Let us help you find your voice again, so you can have the happy and healthy life you deserve. To learn more, call us today at (866) 399-6528.