If you have been managing your sobriety for over a year or more, you are probably no stranger to how challenging it can be to keep moving forward at times. Further, once you have designed a good regimen, it might be both hard and scary to stray away from what is working. Given the current circumstances that the world is facing, new challenges have presented themselves, and your recovery might be feeling more threatened than ever. While there are a number of suggestions and ideas on how to manage your sobriety in this time, perhaps the biggest hurdle for you is shifting your mind to a place that allows you to embrace these challenges and make the necessary changes to stay sober. Before you can begin to make any changes, you may need to accept the situation first.


Acceptance is a primary key to beginning any new venture in life. It allows you to close one chapter and begin another. Everyone comes to a point in life where they need to exercise acceptance in order to move forward. The idea is to allow yourself to free yourself from what is holding you back. You understand what it means to let go, and you know the feeling of freedom comes as a result of letting go. The current times are a call to action for you to do it again.


With so many distractions from news, social media, and your own anxieties, the quality of your practices might be suffering. You are distracted and therefore not thinking rationally to try to understand what is happening around you, as well as what you can do to protect yourself from it. Try to focus by bringing yourself into the present. Think about what is happening, and try to reserve judgment. Allow the present moment to surround and move through you. This practice is to help you recognize your stresses and anxieties in a way that brings understanding to why you are feeling this way, and therefore bringing a certain peace to you.

  • A Beginner’s Mind

The nature of sustaining a long-term recovery will, at times, call upon you to redesign and make changes and take new approaches to maintain the recovery regimen. Since certain times have created unique circumstances, you must understand that your new practices for maintaining recovery will be unique, too. Once you can realize the challenges you are facing, you can accept them and begin to find ways to productively manage them. A beginner’s mind simply means to reserve all judgment and opinions you have. Judging a new practice before you even try it could create resentment.

  • Humility

The next form of acceptance is humility. Humility breeds honesty and will help you understand and accept that you have limitations. This is okay; knowing your weaknesses could help you to recognize and focus on your strengths. Understand that given the circumstances, everybody is trying to adapt right now. Don’t compare yourself or define yourself based on the success or failures of others. Your path is your own and knowing your own weaknesses (not the weaknesses of others) will help you prepare a better regimen that can best meet your needs.

You Will Make Mistakes

Making a mistake should never come as a surprise, though oftentimes if you are not honest with yourself, a mistake could shift your mind into a negative state. Everyone has made mistakes in the past. Do not be hard on yourself when the results do not turn out as planned. Mistakes can often point to a solution by showing you what works and what doesn’t. When you choose to correct yourself and learn from a mistake, you are choosing to be proactive in solving the problem.

Accept Help

Part of the recovery process is the ability to accept yourself and your situation while wanting to change. This is an important tool to have with you throughout life’s journey. However, another facet of acceptance is the ability to accept help from friends and family. While your usual way of getting support might have changed, your supporters did not. Your friends and family are still here for you, and while you might not be able to meet in person, one of the advantages of our current situation is that your support team is probably more available than before. Reach out to a friend, family member, or a professional healthcare provider, and let them in on how you are feeling. Allow them to help, even if it’s only to listen to you.

Create Your Path

The power of acceptance in your life cannot be denied or compromised. Acceptance will allow you to examine all of your emotions and concerns from a place of honesty and compassion. It will help you to see how far you have come, as well as recognize all that you have. It might be easy to become distracted and lose touch with yourself when living amid so much uncertainty, but remember—no matter how bleak things may seem, you always have the ability to create your own path through all of it.

Your recovery might be challenged in ways like you have never experienced, and because of this, your optimism might be waning. However, remember this will not last forever. Things will improve. Think about using this time to rise to the occasion so when you come out of this, you will be stronger and ready to face anything life throws your way. If you are still unsure as to where to begin or how to focus yourself on your recovery, True Recovery is here to help. At True Recovery, we believe everyone’s path is different, so we offer customized care specific to your recovery needs. To learn more about how we can help, please call us today at (866)-399-6528.