For some people, positivity seems to come naturally. However, if positivity is not your default mode – don’t worry; you are not alone. Learning how to turn negative thoughts and behaviors into positive thoughts and behaviors can benefit your quality of life and recovery. You probably  have noticed that people respond well to positivity because energy that breeds positivity is said to emote from us and affect others. This is also true if your energy is negative. Research shows that humans can sense your energy based on your body language, actions, dialogue, and some intangible feelings. Therefore, learning to create positive energy will help you to create amazing opportunities in your life. These are five ways in which you can work on achieving positive energy. 

Focus Your Energy

While it can be difficult to focus your thoughts, this is essential if you want to instill positive energy within yourself. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help you reign in your negative thoughts and face them. Additionally, when practicing this, you’ll want to challenge your thoughts with questions that challenge the negative thoughts, deducing whether they are rational or irrational thoughts. These practices aim to reduce the stress and anxiety that can steal your inner balance and create feelings of loneliness and isolation. Focusing your energy on the positive aspects of your thoughts and situations will help begin to create vitality within. 

Work on Accomplishing Goals

If you have not been focusing on your goals, now is the time to start. Working toward your goals not only helps distract you from negative thoughts and times of loneliness, it also creates inherent confidence. Your goals do not need to be great feats; they can begin simple actions, like cleaning, rearranging, waking up at a consistent time. These help build structure for your day and your thoughts. Studies show that those who structure their day and accomplish the goals they’ve set come across to others as more powerful, confident, and charismatic. So, never doubt yourself and begin working to reach your goals. Additionally, you can keep a journal to track your progress. And don’t worry if you miss a goal or two, this is part of the process. 


Amid this current pandemic, everybody could use a reminder of how much they are needed. However, many underestimate positive affirmations’ power to help shift one’s perspective and outlook on life. Affirmations can remind you that it does not need to drag you down just because negative things happen. Taking the time each day, whether audibly in front of the mirror or written in a journal, to remind yourself who you are, what you’re able to accomplish, and what you want to project to the world. Keep the affirmations cheerful and optimistic, and it will surely set the tone for your day. 

Keep Your Posture Open

Whether you are connecting in-person or virtually, your body language can still be an essential factor in displaying your energy and outlook. Humans, by nature, respond to body language on a subconscious level. When you stand with your arms or legs crossed, you show apprehension and close yourself off to that person speaking. However, when you stand with your shoulders facing them and your feet apart, you open yourself to them and invite them to connect with you. Likewise, if you are using a computer or laptop to video chat, your posture also plays a role. Slouching or crossing your legs and turning away from the screen can also convey feeling uncomfortable while sitting upright. Looking into the camera frequently can convey openness and show that you are engaged. Keep your posture open and look at how different interactions with different people make you react. 

Take Care of Yourself

To achieve a balanced life, you need to have balance within first. Taking care of your health and minding what you eat, when you sleep, and your overall daily schedule is vital to maintaining the positive energy needed to sustain your recovery. Additionally, good health and a good outlook will help you take on life’s challenges – and this might be most crucial to practice amid the current pandemic. During all of your work, also remember to practice self-care. Take time for a hot bath, read or watch your favorite movies, and connect with friends and family. These activities help you to center yourself and give off good vibes to others. 


Your energy, whether negative or positive, could possess the key to your success in recovery. Finding your inner balance is essential for creating positive energy, and you will need to practice exercises such as meditation and mindfulness consistently. Further, it’s important to learn to manage your expectations so that when there is a mistake or something goes wrong, you will be able to address the situation confidently and constructively. Your energy toolbox should also include a good diet, exercise, keeping a journal, and maintaining your support. If you feel that you have lost balance and are becoming overwhelmed by your negative thoughts, then it is time to get help. At True Recovery, we aim to meet every individual’s needs for treating addiction and mental health disorders. This means we get to know you on a deep level to find the best care for you. With 24/7 availability, there is never a wrong time to reach out. To learn more, call True Recovery today at (866) 399-6528