If you’ve ever experienced mental burnout or struggled with a lack of motivation in the face of important tasks (and who hasn’t?), you may have wished you could simply force yourself to concentrate for longer periods of time. Although it may seem like your attention span is set in stone, it is, in fact, possible to strengthen your powers of sharpened focus and prolonged concentration. By using effective psychological techniques, you maximize your potential to achieve more throughout your day. Developing a stronger focus will make you better equipped to excel in your professional life, personal habits, and creative pursuits. By putting time and effort into improving your ability to concentrate, you will be able to get more done than you ever have before. 

Playing Games Can Be Beneficial

Though it may not seem obvious, playing games can strengthen your concentration while you have fun. Studies have found that playing games such as chess and sudoku, along with doing puzzles, can likely help you increase your concentration. It can be useful to work a game of sudoku or a crossword puzzle into your daily routine. For example, you can work on a sudoku puzzle for ten minutes every morning while drinking your coffee.

Games can serve as an ideal gateway to improving concentration because they are both accessible and enjoyable. Games allow you to train your mind to zone in on a specific task and concentrate on it for an extended period of time. This is a skill that will likely transition well into work, school, and creative projects, making you more likely to accomplish more in your everyday life. 

Meditate Your Way Towards Concentration

Though many think of meditation as a calm, relaxing pastime, it requires a significant amount of focus. Meditation comprises sitting down and clearing your mind of thoughts, which can be easier said than done. With practice, you can learn to clear your mind and dodge the distraction of unnecessary thoughts. Many do this by focusing on either the rhythm of their breath or on a mantra, which is a word or sound that is repeated over and over for the duration of the meditation session.

By practicing meditation, you strengthen your ability to slow down and control your attention span. Being able to control how long you can lend your attention to a specific task will aid you in other tasks, such as long and seemingly tedious work reports and projects. Meditation fosters a stable emotional state even in the face of intrusive thoughts or external distractions.

Reading Can Improve Your Focus

Along with helping you to relax and unwind after a long day, reading can improve your skills of concentration. In today’s world, our minds are forced to move a mile a minute between checking our phones and writing emails. Reading is a great way to slow down and train your brain to focus on a single source of input for extended periods. It encourages you to pay attention to substance and nuance, developing your critical thinking skills

Like playing games, reading is an enjoyable pastime that can feel more like leisure than a mental exercise. Reading helps your mind learn to sit with and focus on a task while ingesting and comprehending information. Reading is overwhelmingly accessible and can be a completely free hobby if you have a library card or internet access. Many people use reading as a way to unwind before bed, making it an easy focus-boosting tool to work into your daily routine. 

Sound Sleep is Crucial

Getting a good night’s rest is overwhelmingly important when it comes to your ability to sit down, focus, and give your attention to a specific task. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can impair your ability to pay selective attention. Selective attention is used when the mind has to focus on one thing while not paying attention to other distractions. By not getting adequate sleep, your mind loses its ability to drown out distractions and concentrate on what you need to. This can affect your ability to learn in school, pay attention in work meetings, or have conversations in social settings. By getting consistent, restful sleep, you will be able to concentrate more clearly and benefit every facet of your life. The next time you’re thinking of staying up late, remember the drastic effect it will have on your ability to focus and concentrate and be sure to get a good night’s rest. 


Though your ability to focus and concentrate may seem hardwired into the way you are, you can strengthen these aspects of your mind by adopting helpful techniques. By putting effort into strengthening your abilities, you can enjoy sharper focus and increased concentration. While it may not seem obvious, playing games like sudoku and doing crosswords can seriously increase your ability to focus on a task. Games are the perfect way to begin increasing your focus because they are enjoyable and don’t usually feel like work. Meditation is a practice that requires an increased level of focus. By habitually practicing meditation, you will gradually build up your ability to concentrate. Studies have found that a lack of adequate sleep can also impair your attention span dramatically. For more information on mental wellness, reach out to True Recovery, located in beautiful Orange County, California. We provide a variety of mental health and personal wellness services to meet your unique needs. Call us at (866) 399-6528.