Small Things We Can Do to Save  

Numerous things come into consideration when deciding whether or not to pursue recovery or treatment. We are concerned about stigmas and judgments, we are worried about who we are trusting with our vulnerabilities, and we are stressed about how much this recovery process is going to cost us. This stress extends beyond just mental health as well. Every aspect of health is expensive in this country. A simple procedure or appointment can cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. If you don’t have the proper insurance, you can face some incredible medical bills. Even worse, insurance can be challenging to get. Not every job offers benefits and coverage, and not everyone earns enough to pay for insurance out of pocket. Next thing you know, a simple health matter becomes a much bigger thing than it needs to be. It becomes a monumental stressor in our lives. It can cause us to forego the necessary healthcare to avoid spending money. These issues are debated continuously in government, but we don’t want to talk about politics here. What our government does is, sadly, out of our hands. So what can we do ourselves to help this situation? Well, there are actually a few options. 

 The medicines we are prescribed can often be an expensive part of getting well. But we don’t have to only take the medicine that we are given initially. Talk to your doctor about switching to the generic version of your medication. These generic types have the same exact active ingredient as the name-brand version but are much cheaper. It’s incredible how much a price goes up simply because of a name on the box. Switching to something generic is a great way to cut back some costs. Make sure you take medicine as prescribed. If you take more than you’re supposed to, you run out faster and will have to buy more. Plus, that’s unhealthy and dangerous to do. Do NOT take more than prescribed. 

 If you have benefits from your employment, then take advantage of it. Get routine health screenings to catch health concerns before they worsen. Finding something early means that it can be treated much more easily than if it had progressed. As such, getting frequent screenings can help tremendously in cutting these things off. Check to see what services are free. Things such as flu shots can be a free and easy way to avoid worse health conditions. You’ll be surprised by how much treatment you can receive at no cost if you do the research to find them. 

 This includes where you go to get your care, as well. Finding the right provider is key to minimizing costs. Always be sure to go somewhere within your insurance network. Finding a provider who is under your insurance plan can lower costs a considerable amount. A lot of people assume that their mediocre insurance won’t be accepted in most hospitals, but you can find the right place. With just a little bit of searching and reading, you can find almost always find appropriate healthcare.

 Finally, take care of your health. Making sure that you stay healthy and follow healthy habits can help your body stave off injuries, illnesses, and more. Maintain the proper mental practices and exercises to treat your mental illness. Developing a better routine can change things dramatically for someone who is struggling with their mental or physical health. Always take time out of your day to focus on you and make sure that you are doing okay. Take everything a day at a time and make sure that you stay above water. 

 Finding and receiving healthcare is far more stressful than it should be, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a lost cause. Finding out the ways to keep your costs down can make it so much easier to get the proper care. Your health is vital, so don’t ever neglect it. Always be aware and try to catch things before they get worse, and be sure to do your research to find the best place for you to go. See your value in yourself and take care of anything that pops up. Don’t let the stress deter you from getting what you deserve. 

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