How Do You Combat Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety can interfere with who you are, affecting your thoughts in negative ways. If you suffer from social anxiety, you are likely familiar with its associated signs and symptoms.

These include fear of social interaction, fear of being judged, fear of leaving the house, fast heart rate, trembling and nausea. Social situations are hard to navigate when suffering from social anxiety.

The stress and pressure of it all might cause you to succumb to your negative thoughts. You might want to use harmful substances or drink to excess to help cope with your anxiety, but this will only lead to more unwanted problems that will further intensify your anxiety. So how can you successfully manage social anxiety?


Taking the First Step

Social anxiety can be very hard to deal with. Feeling these surges of emotions and not being able to manage them can feel frustrating and even defeating.

Sometimes, we accept our anxiety and allow it to control who we are, even when we know that we are so much more. Committing to treatment, or even a new practice is a big step for anyone in need of help, but it is necessary and by doing so they are already on their way to recovery.

Looking for treatment might seem overwhelming, too. Finding constructive ways to manage anxiety rather than medication is always better for a long-lasting recovery.  


Do You Have Any Outlets?

Do you have any outlets that allow you to explore and express your feelings like music, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, gardening, anything to channel these amazing energies and thoughts? Research suggests that using these kinds of practices as an outlet can help a person coping with social anxiety to learn how to be themselves.

These ways of expression, therefore, create some expressive momentum and in some cases is enough to get the person off and running. 


Try talking with a professional. Have you considered a therapist?

A good therapist can help you ask questions as to why you are feeling the emotions you feel. For example, if you write an amazing poem and a day later you dislike it, a therapist might help you consider why your mood about it changed. 


REBT Treatment

You might consider seeking REBT or Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy. If you feel that your anxiety will require more than your artistic expression and therapy, REBT is the kind of therapy designed to treat social anxiety disorders and the range of emotions that accompany it. This practice is not only designed to get you to evaluate your thoughts and behaviors but to help change your attitudes and behaviors.


REBT will also challenge your expectations. Sometimes defeat is created before reality can play out.

If we enter a situation with expectations, we are in turn deciding our own fate because if those expectations are not met, we might deem the situation as a failure. REBT will seek to correct your internalized expectations, therefore a patient will be able to take situations as they come. 


REBT: A Full Scope

Not to make it confusing but, REBT works by cautioning you to think before you think. There are many complicated traits to our personalities that contribute to the overall outcomes in our daily lives, socially or otherwise.

REBT is a practice that will help you seek out these traits, and the REBT Therapist will then begin to help you correct your pattern of thinking. The idea is to correct negative traits so we may reduce our triggers that create anxiety. 


The Philosophy of REBT

REBT has a philosophy that most people want to do good in life. Therefore, it wants to help those in need to set rational goals supported by rational thoughts.

Once a person can understand their thoughts, they can then begin to correct the negative thinking patterns.  


Social anxiety, much like any other disorder, is damaging to one’s life and it should be taken seriously. Finding corrective treatment rather than prescribed treatment is always a better path.

Though medication can be beneficial, if a patient can find alternative ways to find the help they need, it is preferred. 


Recovery is a life long mission. It requires honesty and hard work on the patient’s part.  However, the benefits gained are like no other. The feeling of having control over your life again is very liberating.

True Recovery believes in alternative treatment because these kinds of treatments support a longer-lasting recovery. For more questions regarding how to find help please call us at (866) 399-6528.