The road to recovery is a long one, packed with obstacles. Although it can be difficult to navigate, where it leads is more rewarding than you could imagine. Facing addiction can feel daunting. You may feel hopeless, thinking that you’ll never successfully conquer it. Similar to standing at the foot of a mountain and looking up; all you see is how tall and terrifying the journey will be. Feeling discouraged and defeated, many people turn around before even attempting the climb. 

Don’t Give Up

Giving up before you start your recovery journey is easy. Let us reassure you, though, that taking the first step is often the hardest part. Upon doing so, you will likely find that the path is filled with small, manageable actions that when consistently taken, add up to become something wildly beautiful. Keep your eyes on your feet and your focus on what is directly in front of you, and before you know it you’ll be looking back, amazed at how far you’ve come and inspired by the beautiful view. 

Baby Steps: Let’s Break it Down

When you approach a workout, it becomes much harder when you look at it as a whole. Running a race can be discouraging if you’re focused solely on the total distance that needs to be covered. The same concept applies to addiction recovery. Thinking about the process from a big-picture perspective can be overwhelming and often defeating. Recovery requires a massive overhaul of your life and the way that you live it. You may need to move, make new friends, work through trauma, mend relationships, learn new coping skills and work towards financial stability. Accepting this kind of change and believing in your capacity to accomplish it isn’t something that comes overnight, and the anxiety that can manifest as a result of obsessing over this work can ultimately lead to relapse. 

Instead, we encourage you to take a step back and look at the finer details of the journey. Break it down to baby steps by creating a list of manageable and attainable, short-term goals. Schedule your tasks by priority and commit to checking three things off your list each day. Not only will this practice get you closer to your big-picture goals, but it builds self-esteem and self-efficacy. Before you know it, you’ll notice improvements in your confidence and mindset, as well as in your life in general. You can do this!

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Committing to the work required for your successful recovery is not easy. Every decision and supporting action takes courage. Regardless of the size of your accomplishment, every step forward is a miracle and deserves to be celebrated. Take the time to acknowledge your hard work. Reflect on your progress and all you have learned through the process. 

 It may not be the end of the road, but it is still a better place than where you were the day before. And you will find an even better place the day after. The road is going to be full of these small moments that need to be celebrated so don’t be afraid to let yourself do so. Every bit of work that you put into this process is deserving of pride and praise. Everything about what you are doing is worthy of taking the time to honor. It is not selfish or narcissistic of you to allow yourself that sense of pride; it is powerful of you to be proud of what you are accomplishing in the face of great adversity and struggle. We are taught so often that it is wrong to speak highly of ourselves; it’s ingrained in our minds that to be proud is to be selfish and toxic. That level of pride can exist but there is also a healthy balance where you can love yourself, feel proud of yourself, and not have to worry about being a bad person. 

Our world is constantly in a state of trying to reach that next point, and we often are setting those goals too far in front of us. We tell ourselves we need to lose 100 pounds instead of losing 10 every week or month. We think we need to get to that next promotion at work instead of doing our best work on our next project. Learning to focus on the now and the goals right in front of you can help take the stress off of anything, especially the road to recovery. We need to allow ourselves to focus on the smaller things we want to accomplish and let the bigger road travel itself. We will get to the end one day, but, for now, we can celebrate where we are now and the momentum we have going forward. 


Trust the Process


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