At first, going to a concert while struggling with a mental health challenge seems like a terrible idea. You’re going to an enclosed space with hundreds of other people, most of whom you have never met once in your life, and you’re there for several hours. It’s hot, it’s loud, and, again, you are surrounded by a sea of complete strangers. It’s like you are putting yourself in a situation with a ton of huge triggers that could cause you to spiral out of control at any moment. Why would you put yourself through that? Maybe one day when you’ve got things a little more under control and you feel like you can manage it, but when you’re still going through recovery? That can’t be a good idea, right? That’s asking for something bad to happen.

It’s really not. In fact, we believe it can be the best thing for you. Yes, when looked at it through the lens we just laid out for you, it sounds horrible and overwhelming. We understand the feeling of wanting to play it safe and avoiding something like a concert. But we really do think it could be the best thing for you. We have spoken before about pushing yourself to live your life while going through recovery. Letting your condition dictate your life and define who you are is dangerous, even if it feels easiest. We want you to be you and live the life you deserve to live, and that includes going to events like concerts. Music is a gift; it allows us to connect to people we never would connect to without it. It allows us to escape our struggles for awhile and get lost in someone else’s story. It’s beautiful and we want you to partake in it, even if you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t.

Music builds bridges and it breaks down barriers. Yes, those people at the concert with you are strangers, but you have something important in common with them: the music. You are all there for the artist or band, you have all paid money to celebrate the music and what it means to you. For a few hours, those strangers are your friends because you share something deeply meaningful with them. You can bring a friend to the show as well, and there you will have someone to lean on if you need them. But remember that those other people are not there to cause you harm; they are there to indulge in the joy with you. They are just like you and you don’t have to be afraid of them. 

I Will Write You a Song

Then there is the artist themselves. Whether it is a solo performer or a full band, experiencing your favorite music live is a feeling unlike any other. It can completely move you yo your core, filling you with love and happiness as you’ve never felt. It is truly an amazing experience and can be just the experience you need. For some of us, going to a concert was the first real step we took in recovery. We allowed ourselves to be lost in the music and the moment, let the emotions of the songs and the people around us seep deep down, and move us into a place where we felt okay. It was our first proof that we could feel okay again, and it helped give us the motivation that we needed to get better. We encourage you to pursue the same thing; allow yourself to find that motivation and feeling of normalcy. It could be the thing that changes it all. It can set you on the path you have been looking for and save you. 

In addition to that, as we have said before, it shows you that you don’t have to be held back by your illness or condition. It shows that you won’t let it keep you at home every night, afraid to go out and live the life you want to live. It shows you how much stronger you are than your struggles, how much stronger you are than you thought. Allowing yourself to go out when you feel afraid to, can be the thing that changes it all. You have to take that risk, and it isn’t even a risk, really. If you have someone with you who will be there to support you, you’ll be okay no matter what. You can plan accordingly and adjust however you need. You will be fine. 

Music, especially live music, is truly something that we can cherish and appreciate. It can help us feel connected and bring us back into the light. We have to find those moments of normalcy to know that we can get to a permanent place of that, and going to a live show can do just that. They are a celebration of the love and joy we feel, and it can be the lifeline that brings us out of the depths. Music has saved many of us; don’t be afraid to let it save you. 

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