The way life relies so heavily on so many different things can be hard to understand, let alone navigate. We all like to believe that there are only a few, deep, simple things that matter most in life, and that everything else is just supplementary. While we do believe focusing on a select few things can bring you a greater sense of peace in life, we do understand that not allowing stress to surface due to other factors in life is just impossible. One of these things that frequently causes us to stay awake at night is money. Let’s face it: we live in a world that is completely dependent on money. Everything we do, everything we want to do, is affected, in some way, by money. Do we have enough? Can we afford spending it? So many things to factor into our decisions and a sudden drop in income can completely change your life. Losing a job, our source of income, is a surefire way to derail your peace of mind, happiness, and emotional stability. 

As individuals facing mental health challenges, we are already trying to be aware of the triggers around us that can send us into a spiral. We have to constantly be alert to the things that can harm us and force us to take a step or two back. We are always working to avoid that, but sometimes, there’s just no stopping it from happening. Losing a job isn’t always dependent on your behavior or actions. You don’t have to be fired to lose a job; it could be due to the finances of the company, ability to hold employees, and so much more. It happens and it isn’t your fault. But even so, you now have to deal with the fact that you are not receiving the income you have to rely on. The stress that emerges from this fact is enormous and can be absolutely paralyzing. As much as you may tell yourself that it’s not your fault, there will always be a certain amount of shame that comes with this situation. No matter what they tell you when it happens, you feel somewhat responsible. There are those who aren’t losing their jobs, so what allowed them to stay? Is there something more you could have done to give you that edge? Did you just not give enough? These questions are waiting in the fringes of our minds to rocket into focus once we get the news. They are the embodiment of these innate fears that we all have in any job. We will always worry about doing enough and living up to expectations. Nobody wants to be a disappointment. So when we are forced into this new way of living, we feel guilty, even if there was nothing we could do. We have to remember this last part: there was nothing we could do. You have done enough and you are not a disappointment. Life has a way of not being fair and forcing you to have to deal with adversity. Luck can be an absolute monster, and it can change in an instant. Luck is out of our control so don’t put that blame on yourself. Know that you are good, you are enough, and move forward, as hard as it may be.

Onward and Upward 

Even with that mentality of not blaming yourself, you still have to worry about the fact that you don’t have money coming in. You have bills, rent, your life to live, and you don’t have a way to cover all those things. You can change the way you look at the situation but you can’t change this fact. But changing your mindset can also afford you a benefit: it allows you to focus on moving forward. One of the worst things you can do is just sit in it; wallowing in your sadness and regrets. You can’t let yourself fall into a state of paralysis where you don’t get anything done. Just as it was when you entered recovery, you have to act now. You’ve done this before, just in a different context. Apply to any and all jobs you find, work on yourself and your resume, find the answer. This can be a turning point for your life and if you keep looking for it, you can find it. Believe in yourself and keep pushing; don’t grow complacent in your sadness. 

Life is unfair and can be cruel; it can throw the worst curveball at you. If you come across a situation where you are no longer employed, the important thing is to not let yourself grow stagnant. In your mindset and your actions, you have to take a deep breath and keep moving. It’s not easy and it sure isn’t preferable, but it has to be done. You have conquered your own mind before; what’s a job to that? You are worthy of finding something, and you will find something. Bigger and better than ever, just like you. 

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