videos for recovery

The continuing growth of video streaming websites like YouTube and its competitors has provided many new ways to listen to and digest news, information, and other stories. With these free-to-use platforms, people have a new medium to share their stories across the world. Alternatively, tracking your progress in recovery and sharing your story not only serves your recovery, but can help others’ recovery as well. 

Spreading Awareness 

Storytelling helps bring more awareness to mental illness and helps bring about more education on the subject. Sites like YouTube are a great place for stories to be told. This current generation is becoming more and more accustomed to having stories told through videos. Whether you call them vlogs or video diaries, the increasing number of videos out there that talk about mental health provides an excellent method of support for us reentering life after recovery. 

As you enter this next chapter in your life, you are likely looking to keep yourself inspired and working towards your goals for recovery. You might lean on loved ones to support you when you need it. You also might write down your thoughts when feeling overwhelmed. Now, you might want to also consider using videos to spread and receive the messages you need to hear and share. And amid the pandemic, utilizing these opportunities might be more relevant than ever for staying connected to others.  

Digital Connections

Having people on camera, talking to you, can feel like a real connection. Listening to a voice in a podcast or other audio recording is excellent, but there is something more to having a face to look at while listening that makes a connection seem more personal. There are subtle things in a person’s expressions or actions that can give a whole new meaning to a story. Likewise, when you are struggling and feel the weight of the world pressing down, you can turn to people who you know have had similar experiences. You can pull up a video and watch them talk about what they went through. Having that visual connection can help you feel less alone and help you get through a tough time. 

There are other coping mechanisms to use in addition to this, but just because it needs to be used in tandem with other recovery methods does not negate the power that watching and making videos can have. Connecting with the followers who watch the videos can give you another community that you can turn to when you are feeling alone in your mental conditions. While it doesn’t replace having a community physically around you, it can still help a whole lot in easing your mind when you need support. 

Share Your Own Story

In addition to watching other people’s videos, you can create your own content. You can sit in front of a camera and let it all out. For some people, writing just isn’t their thing, and that’s okay. Creating videos is a new way for them to still tell the stories they need to tell. As someone who has gone through recovery, you have so many important messages and lessons to pass on to others. You can build your own community to help support and set a good example for others. The ability to create and post your own videos is literally in your hands with your phone. Even if you don’t get a lot of followers, just knowing that your voice is out there can help make you feel better. You don’t have to make videos for other people. You can make it for just yourself. Other people seeing it and learning from it are just added benefits. 

Feeling Less Alone

There are definitely some stigmas regarding the world of video creation and the people who put out a steady stream of content. Older generations view it as a phase or a fad that isn’t going to grow. However, video content and streaming services are increasing exponentially and it is only going to continue to grow. You can see all the uses for it, all the potential for it, and how it can be used to spread love. 

When going  through recovery, online videos can be a way for you to connect with someone else’s stories and help you feel less alone. It can be a place to join a community of like-minded people seeking support in their experiences. It can also be a place for you to share your own stories and build a community. Whichever way you choose, sites like YouTube are becoming not just a great source of information, but a great source of support and, more importantly, change. 


Connecting with other people via stories and shared struggles is the cornerstone of many successful recovery programs. As we are recovering, we need to take strength and inspiration from others while also sharing our triumphs with the community.  In the past, this was a challenging proposition, but it’s much easier now to reach others online. At the touch of a button, you can connect with people around the world, sharing your stories in real time. Of course, all of this begins by asking for help. It’s going to be hard to put together a string of victories to share without the tools to build your foundation in recovery. If you’re looking to add a new chapter to your life, turn the page by giving True Recovery a call today. You’ll find the recovery support you need, with all the professional experience required in early sobriety. Give us a call today at (866) 399-6528