How Changing Our Environment Can Benefit Us

We are continually having to face difficult decisions on our road to recovery. Whether it’s thinking of the people we need to cut off contact with or leaving behind an old hobby that used to bring us joy, we have to consistently find ways to change. We have to change our lives to let ourselves be healthier, happier, and more capable of living the life we deserve to live. But one of the hardest decisions we may have to make is the decision to move. We don’t just mean moving houses or apartments, we’re not talking about moving down the street or to the next town over. We are talking about moving somewhere completely different. Moving to a different state or a different country can be the hardest part of life after recovery. Still, we may have to make that choice for us to live the best lives we can. 

How Our Environment Impacts Our Wellbeing

Your environment is likely to affect your mental health. Living in an unhealthy place can encourage the development of mental illness and substance abuse disorders. When discussing “your environment”, you may think of the physical building that you live in, the walls that surround you, the pictures on the walls, and the furniture that fills each room. But it is more than just the building, it is also the area surrounding your home. Consider the community you live in and the people who are around you. Negative influences can include the people you work with or overbearing family members who are worsening your decline. Whatever the reason, it could be immensely beneficial for you to find your happiness elsewhere. It could be the best thing for you to find another place where you can create a life for yourself. 

The Benefits of a Significant Move

A big move can help you start over, fresh. You won’t feel held back by prior commitments or situations. You can feel freer to find yourself, experiment, and indulge in things you never got to before. Such a significant change can help you find a completely new you. It can help you live a completely different life, better than what you’ve known before. If you move farther away, you can experience a different culture, and in turn, a different kind of living. You can expose yourself to things you never thought about before, and that can bring about some very positive changes. In these new places, you can find new people to connect with, who won’t remind you of your past or cause you to struggle with temptation. These people will help give you a new perspective on life and help you think differently. 

If you move somewhere different, aim to improve upon your current situation. Improving your physical living conditions can help you feel healthier and lead a better life. This is especially true for families. A family living in a small home or apartment can feel the pressure of having so many people in tight quarters. By moving into a larger home, they can feel more at ease, and everyone can be happier to have more space. Finally, moving gives you time to reflect on yourself and your life. We don’t find those chances very often in our lives, with work and social lives taking up a lot of our time. 

Reflect During This Period of Transition

Take this opportunity to think about who you are as you head towards a new beginning. Reflecting on our recovery journey can help us feel confident about our choice. Our usual schedule and routines are broken up, and we are forced to examine our lives differently. It is a scary thing, sure, but it is also something that can be wonderful for us. As we learn in recovery, facing these problematic situations can be the difference between staying in a rut and finding our way out. 

Life is complicated, and sometimes we need to realize when it’s time to step back and start something new. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your friends and family behind altogether or cut ties completely. We want you to maintain the connections that you feel deserve to be preserved. At the same time, it is okay to take action for yourself, even if that means making a significant change. Stepping into a new life can be exactly the fresh start you need to see who you always wanted to be. 

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