How Structure Can Be Beneficial

It’s good to open your mind to the possibility of significant changes in life after recovery, but you shouldn’t feel like you can never settle into a rhythm. It is vital to make healthy decisions when you leave recovery to help your body and mind continue to cope and deal with your mental conditions. Making these changes will help bring about more beneficial habits and behavior, instead of the unhealthy ones you used to partake in. But once you find things that improve your life and provide peace and clarity, it is okay to hold onto them. Having a routine can be an incredibly useful thing for those of us who have gone through recovery. 

A Routine Can Offset the Chaos of Life

For a lot of us, the simple logic of a routine makes no sense. How can we adhere to a schedule every single day when we’re used to the chaos of an addicted life? It’s challenging, but it’s incredibly helpful. Having a routine to follow will help keep you anchored in your life. Mental illness is disruptive, and having a routine to rely on is an invaluable source of comfort. Serenity might come from knowing that we will be in bed at a specific time, regardless of what happens during the day. We can look forward to having that familiar time to relax and get enough sleep. After all, we all know how much sleep can help us feel better! Just having these dependable, scheduled activities happening every day can help us navigate the uncertainty in our everyday lives. 

This will, in turn, reduce stress throughout the day. We have a lot of different things to keep track of, and that can create an incredible amount of anxiety. When we have these routines, our activities become second nature. Having constants in our life provides relief from stress and helps us feel better about what we are doing every day. Something as small as washing the dishes can do wonders to decrease the stress that comes from letting the little things stack up. 

Incorporate Self-Love Into Your Routine

When you are organizing your days, it is essential to include moments to focus on self-care and love. Finding the moments to focus on ourselves can help us all get through the harder parts of life. This includes any activity that can have a positive impact on your life. Try to set aside time to enjoy something that makes you happy and feels good. We encourage you to include exercise, as that is a form of self-love. Taking care of yourself physically has been proven to have positive effects on your mind and body. Set aside time to get a workout in every day. Get the blood pumping and endorphins running through your body. We know that it can be challenging to find the motivation to exercise, and some of us just aren’t fans of it. Still, it really can help you out a great deal. 

Eat Right & Get Into Cooking

Finally, diet is the last part of a routine that we want to touch on. Eating healthier foods can boost your mood in several ways. Furthermore, setting aside time to cook and get our meals prepared can provide another time of day to look forward to. It brings about familiarity and also gives us time to be alone with our thoughts. Cooking can be a very relaxing activity when you find an easy recipe to follow. It can even become a new hobby of yours! For a lot of people, cooking is stressful, but under the right circumstances, it can be an incredibly soothing thing. 

Routines provide a backbone for our daily lives. After working hard to change ourselves, it’s incredibly helpful to have something to depend on and inject consistency into our lives. They don’t have to be activities that are geared towards mental illness, specifically; anything can help! Having a set time to go to bed, cooking your meals, working out, or just relaxing, are all valid options. You don’t have to feel like your life has been completely overturned by your mental illness or that you will never get it back. It will be different, but you can still find a way to structure your life to accommodate yourself and your needs. Routines can bring you the peace of mind you are looking for and help you grow to be the best person you can be. 

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