More Albums to Help You Get Through This

Last month, we gave you a list of three albums that we recommended for anyone looking for a connection in music. For a lot of us, music is an outlet for us to not only express our own emotions through creation but also to find solace in hearing another person’s story. We seek live performances because that is where we feel at home and like we can truly be ourselves amongst fans who are there to celebrate the music like we are. Music has a way of building bridges to others; it’s a truly unique medium for emotional expression. So we wanted to give you another few recommendations of music that we think can help you in your journey to recovery.

… Is a Real Boy by Say Anything

Released in 2004, this album by the punk rock band, Say Anything, was a culmination of mental health struggles and tribulations. Conceptualized by lead singer, Max Bemis, the album began as a rock opera, telling a single narrative with different characters. Bemis wanted to push the boundaries of the genre and the sound, immersing himself completely into the project, eventually leading to his mental breakdown. The album was put aside for a time as Bemis attended a recovery program before returning to the project. He decided to leave the script and narrative behind, choosing to solely focus on the music. What he ended up creating is a powerhouse of a punk rock album. A man’s journey through mental health permeates throughout the entire runtime of the album, every song dripping with the struggles of someone’s mind. While not all the songs tackle the idea of mental illness and recovery, you can feel a man near his breaking point, his emotions pumping into every corner of the songs. It’s a remarkable first studio-produced album, and a record that has never quite found a match. 

Interrobang by Bayside

You wouldn’t expect for a band to be eight albums into their career to still be putting out music that wows and impresses. But Bayside doesn’t want to play by our expectations. With their newest release, the band continues to push themselves, creating music that changes but maintains the core of who they are. Named after the rarely-known punctuation mark, the album is half an hour of hard rock detailing the difficulties of getting through life. The opening, titular song repeats the line “I lost my mind there, typical” frequently throughout the song, giving it a biting, sarcastic tone to the struggles they are dealing with. They’ve reached a point of almost not caring when trouble surfaces for them; it’s just par for the course for them. The album never lets up on that, as they lament the mistakes they have made but continue to provide a mindset of not letting it bring them down. It’s a relentless, heart-pounding, beautiful rock album that refuses to agree to expectations, choosing buck any trend you wanted them to follow. 

amo by Bring Me the Horizon

This powerhouse post-hardcore group from the UK made their reputation off the back of chugging guitar riffs and lead singer, Ollver Sykes’, scremaing. But as they have continued ot make music, they have continued to adapt and change, exploring every limit of their music. This is absolutely true in their latest album, which almost entirely leaves their hardcore foundation behind. What we have is a remarkable mix of pop, EDM, rock, and more. An exploration of love and all the facets it can exist in, the album details the highs and lows of everyday life. From the opening track detailing the abuse of love in a cult, to the deterioration of a marriage, we witness love’s unending bind to us and how we build up and break down in it. Despite its departure from their harder past, the album is still hard-hitting with many moments of head-banging glory. Bring Me the Horizon is always on the move and they never want to settle for the same. We, for one, are along for the ride. 

We hope that somewhere in these albums, you can find a source of empowerment. A feeling of not being alone and knowing that you can conquer it all. We encourage you to go into these albums with an open mind, allowing yourself to really listen to it and find the beauty in them. We hope we can give you another place to feel at home amongst the notes, chords, and lyrics. Perhaps one day, we can see you at a concert, pumping our fists and screaming our hearts out together, in a beautiful melting pot of different pasts, beliefs, and passions, connecting with complete strangers you have never known. Music connects us and supports us, and we hope you can feel that as much as we do. 

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with anxiety or mental illness, do not hesitate to contact the team here at True Recovery. Our program, founded in 2014, is built around finding what’s best for you to overcome your addiction. Our facility is located in Newport Beach, California, with our supportive housing located close to our campus in Costa Mesa. Take advantage of the local beaches, nature preserves, and Orange County community while we fight for you. Contact us at (866) 399-6528 or [email protected]