A List of Albums to Help You Get Through This

We know how lonely it can feel to be struggling with mental illness. We know how hard it can be to feel like you are alone in it, like no one else can help you; we know how it feels like you are drowning in an endless ocean. But we also know how it feels to find out that none of that is true. As the narrative around mental illness continues to change and as the very concept of it is normalized, we find that there are more and more honest and accurate portrayals and stories of mental illness coming out that provide a source of comfort and support. From films like Hereditary, that presents a brutally honest and terrifying story of mental illness’ grasp on someone’s mind and family, to celebrities speaking out about their own struggles, there are more and more examples of commonality and connection being put out there. Especially within the realm of music. In fact, the music industry has been telling stories of mental illness and struggles for years, and have reached out to millions of listeners who found comfort among the notes and lyrics. In case you are searching for something to help you feel connected, we’ve compiled a list of three albums that we think provide a beautiful, but honest, take on what it’s like to live with mental illnesses. 

You Are OK by The Maine

This past March, an independent punk rock band from Phoenix, Arizona released their seventh album and began to push a new message: you are okay, and if you’re not, that’s okay too. Comprised of ten songs, the album is a story of living with anxiety, depression, and any other affliction you may have. It celebrates the love of a healthy support system and encourages you to embrace the things you see as imperfections as a part of you. I tells you that whatever is happening to you, that it will get better, that it won’t last. It tells you that there is another side to it and that you are enough to get through it. It wants you to know that you are accepted for your illnesses and to not let it detract from loving yourself. 

I’m Not Well by The Black Foxxes

A story of anxiety and the storm it creates in your head. The album is raw and unrelenting in its portrayal of the chaotic nature of dealing with these mental illnesses. It’s a completely, unfiltered display, settling for nothing less than honesty in what happens when someone feels so incredibly scared, and the anger that comes boiling up from that fear. The titular song of the album opens it up, as the words “I’m not well” are blared out for you over and over again, an admittance that everything is not okay. They are no longer denying what they are struggling with and are ready to shove it out there for everyone to see and know. There is no fear in accepting who they are. 

Science Fiction by Brand New

Our last album is one that combines both a sense of pain with a slice of hope to create a truly remarkable portrayal of mental illness. The fifth album of the band, the album took eight years to release and when it did, it created ripples among the fan base.The album is a heartfelt message about living with mental illness, asking you to reflect on your own darkness and how you live with it. It asks us to look in the mirror, while also explaining the world around us how we are trying to be better. It embraces the shortcomings and mis-steps, the times when we don’t feel like enough, and then tells you that you are, that it will end. It doesn’t want to sugar coat any part of the struggle or journey, but by accepting the harsh realities of the situation, it allows us to feel a sense of catharsis in knowing that these struggles are real and are not ours alone to bear. 

 You may find yourself searching for something to latch on to, to feel connected with in order to help get through your journey. You may find that hearing another person’s story could be the motivation and support you need to keep going. We encourage you to find those things out for you yourself. This list of albums is simply meant to be a suggestion, an idea for you to consider. But if you find yourself inclined towards another form of media or something completely different, we encourage you to explore those options. There is nothing wrong with finding your own unique, healthy motivation. And when you do, share your findings with the world. Help spread the message of help and self-love. We can all do our part in shining the light on our dark. 

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