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Alcoholism and drug addiction does not discriminate. It affects every class, race, ethnicity, and gender. Thus, it is no surprise that the disease affects many famous actors and actresses. They provide us with an example that with recovery, anything truly is possible.

Here is a list of famous people in recovery that have battled alcoholism or drug addiction.

Anthony Hopkins

Academy Award-winning Anthony Hopkins, long considered one of the greatest current actors, struggled for many years with alcoholism. Finally, in the end of 1975, Hopkins achieved sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and remains sober to this day.

One day I just thought, “I’ve had enough of this“. It was simple. I didn’t want to go on feeling bad. I don’t miss drinking, not at all. I don’t want to ever go back there.”

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr gained a reputation early on in his career for heavy drug use with a string of possession arrests. Despite continued legal trouble and considerable damage to his acting career, Downey could not stay sober.

Downey finally achieved sobriety through treatment and joining various twelve-step fellowship programs.

“It’s like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.”

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has openly admitted to having struggled with alcoholism, which A man stands next to the AA logo as he is soberthreatened to derail his career before it could really take off.

Early setbacks in his career caused his drinking problem to get out of hand. Fortunately for any movie buff, Cooper found recovery in 2004 and has remained sober since.

“I wouldn’t have been able to have access to myself or other people, or even been able to take in other people if I hadn’t changed my life. I never would have been able to have the relationships that I do. I never would have been able to take care of my father the way I did when he was sick. So many things.”

Edie Falco

Edie Falco followed up her famous role in The Sopranos with the leading role in Nurse Jackie, where she played a drug-addicted nurse. This role held particular meaning to Falco, who herself struggled with alcoholism. Falco is an advocate of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been sober since 1992.

“The addiction piece, I have to say, is a huge part of my life. The helplessness around that, and learning to deal with that, and all the various 12-step programs I’ve been a part of over the years, and how much they’ve helped me, and how hard it is to love somebody who is going through that and remain distant enough to not let it crush you each time.”

True Recovery

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is famous for playing mostly the tough guy villain in movies, for which he is no stranger to being in his past. Trejo spent his early life in and out of prisons, mostly as a direct result of his addiction.

Trejo found sobriety through twelve step fellowships in 1969, and has been sober since.

“I love that responsibility of helping people do right. I was an addict and an alcoholic and I know that road. That road leads to death, institutions or insanity. I’ve been sober for years and I’ve had a great life.”

Final Note

This article is intended for those considering a new way of life, free of the pain of drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on recovery and anyone seeking help with addiction and substance abuse problems, please call True Recovery at (844) 744-8783 or visit us online.


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