Coping with Our History and How That Changes Our Perception

We would all like to imagine that we are perfect. We all would love to be able to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are great, our lives are perfect, and there is absolutely nothing that is holding us back. We would all love to live a life free of struggle. But that’s just not possible, not at all. Humans are imperfect beings and each and every one of us possesses a multitude of shortcomings and flaws, or rather what we and others perceive as such. That’s just a basic fact of living: you will never be perfect. As we live our lives, we will fall short of the goals we set for ourselves, we will let others down, and we will not get along with some people. In an ideal world, all those things wouldn’t be a factor but this world is far from ideal. It likes to get under our skin and poke at those things that bring us down. It likes to force you to break down and feel like you’ve lost control. We can spend our time and energy in ignoring these facets of our being, and work towards putting on a seemingly perfect facade. A lot of people are determined to not let their cracks show through their exterior. They want to look strong, powerful, and like they have it all together. We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t struggle with this to some degree. But we can’t let ourselves live our lives that way; we have to understand that imperfections are a part of our existence, and that we don’t have to even consider them as imperfect. 

We who struggle with mental illness are faced with our perceived imperfections far more than an average person. Because our illnesses and struggles are in the forefront of our minds, we are constantly dealing with managing our emotions and not letting them get through to the surface. When we enter rehabilitation and recovery, we want the illnesses to go away. That’s why we are there. We are tired of living with these things and want to work towards eradicating them completely. But again, that’s not possible. Recovery doesn’t mean that your body is now rid of the illness; it’s not a virus or a cold that can be wiped out from your system. These things are lingering and they stay far beyond the end of your recovery program; often times, they stay with you for the rest of your life. Do you want to live your life always trying to suppress those parts of you? To do that would be absolutely exhausting and completely unnecessary. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to hide this part of you. It’s a part of who you are and how you have come to this place. It doesn’t need to be a stain on your past or experiences, it can be a badge to wear with pride. 

Every person you meet has things that they struggle with. You can’t meet someone who can’t hurt in some way. They are all different and they may differ in degree, but they are there. And we guarantee you that most of those people are working hard to ensure that you can’t see them. That doesn’t mean that you have to, and it sure doesn’t mean that you should. A lot of your recovery process will be learning how to accept who you are for your illnesses, for your perceived imperfections. It will be geared towards helping you to understand yourself, find those things that may push you to the breaking point, and saying okay. We want you to know that you are accepted for who you are, that these struggles and your journey through recovery does not make you any inferior of a person. None of those things should be held against you and used to make bring you down. In fact, they should do the exact opposite: they should be a reason for you to be built up and appreciated. 

Your journey and experiences deserve to be celebrated. You have tackled something that a lot of people couldn’t even dream of. You have accomplished things that most would find impossible. You have stared yourself in the eye and willed yourself to be better. And it worked. Your strength and your determination proved to the world that you can’t be beaten. You have proven that you are stronger than you ever thought you could be. Take your illness and hold on to it, don’t let it hide behind your back. Show it to the world and show them that you accept you for your shortcomings, for your humanity and your efforts. Show the world that you are perfectly imperfect, and that that is one crazy, beautiful thing. 

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