Maintaining Purpose Through Difficult Times

If you have reached a point where the strain of having to uphold living a life in isolation has run its course and taken on a never-ending identity, you might have also lost focus on what the point of all this is. When something feels like it will never end, things that are important to you begin to lose their meaning. With it comes a false sense of security, thinking that you can’t get any lower.

As a result, you may become careless and begin to think and do things that are not only harmful to you but the safety of others. This can occur even if your recovery has been well-maintained up until this point. If you feel that you have lost your sense of purpose, it’s time to get in touch with the meaning that remains in your life.

A Sound Mind

The number of adjustments you have needed to make in a small amount of time can be exhausting on your mind. These adjustments have likely caused a lot of upheavals, second-guessing, and an overall mental drain, zapping you of all motivation. However, every action and every choice begins with having a sound mind. You are bored, you are lonely, you are depressed — if you find ways to be engaged, you can be motivated and you can be happy. Just because you are home does not mean you are or need to be lazy.

Find the Root of the Problem

Finding meaning begins with finding out what is really bothering you. This will also help you support a healthy mind. Being honest about your feelings, however difficult, will allow you to face them. Are you afraid to catch the virus? Are you afraid to become lonely or depressed because you are isolated at home? Are you feeling shame over losing your job? Are you angry about losing the freedoms that came with your recovery regimen before the pandemic?

Next, ask why you are feeling this way. Are you frustrated because you feel that you cannot contribute to helping yourself or others? Are you upset because others who continue to work label you as lazy because you are home? Answering these hard questions truthfully will help to provide answers about why you feel you are lacking meaning.


Recognizing your feelings can be a good way to get to the bottom of what is bothering you, but you do not want to sit with them for too long. Continuing to think about how things are negatively affecting you begins to validate the feelings and can lead to more serious challenges and behaviors.

You want to recognize your feelings and then choose to adapt to the situation. For many, this pandemic is not only a threat to health but also financial survival. How will you find work? How will you make ends meet? In challenging times, it’s easy to isolate yourself. Instead, adapt. Do not give in to helplessness.

Consideration of Others

You might feel alone and helpless, but you still have meaning. This pandemic is affecting the entire world. While some are fortunate to have more protection than others, this is still a universal threat to both physical and mental health. Your own role is important — it’s called interdependence and it is undeniable right now. When you are sensitive to other’s emotions, you begin to view this situation and your place in it as communal.

Like you, the health of others matters and this is worth practicing safety. By not being careless or potentially contracting the virus, you are not only keeping yourself safe but contributing to saving many lives of others. If you feel that staying home all the time has no meaning, rest assured that it does.

Positive Affirmation

Many words are being used to describe these times, from pandemic to crisis to “situation.” It has created a big elephant in the room — something we are all talking about, but not addressing head-on. In other words, the stigma now surrounding this event is one that carries with it negative undertones. But saying the words COVID-19 or coronavirus does not bring power to it or manifest it.

Do not fail to see the opportunity to gain meaning beyond your expectations. So if it helps, instead of holding cloak-and-dagger meetings, whispering corona or the situation — which promote a meek existence — call it what it can be, an opportunity. This is a positive affirmation. While you should not make light of the virus, you should not let it keep defeating you.


When you place value on your role and your actions, you can appreciate not only what you are doing to maintain safety, but what others are doing to maintain safety as well. The struggle is real, the collective mourning is real, and you and the world can create and share this bond. So, express gratitude in your day, your actions, and the actions of others. Speak gratitude to friends and family who are doing the same. These acts will strengthen your mind, your body, and your purpose.

Looking Ahead

Life will be different after this. There will be grief and hardship, but what you will gain and what you can take with you to share will add meaning to all of it. When you gain perspective, you can also help lend meaning to someone else’s life when they encounter difficult times. Your intentions and actions should always be courageous. Never second guess what you know is the right thing to do, and your sobriety and health will remain everlasting.

The power of contentedness is undeniable. The selflessness that is a result is empowering. Learning from each other, we can become leaders for future generations. We can carry on to rebuild communities that are more understanding and sensitive to the needs of those who struggle with mental illness and addiction. While this is a future worth striving for, it’s not going to be easy. You need to first re-establish your self-worth and your purpose. If you are finding that this is becoming harder by the day, it’s time to seek help.

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