We are starting to enter that time of year that we always fantasized about every year when we were kids. Halloween is just a few days out now, and right after, it’s time for the spooky decorations to come down and to get ready for the more festive ones to be put up. It’s still over a month away, but the holiday season is approaching and it is approaching fast. When we were younger, a lot of us would love that feeling. It meant snow, it meant a break from school, it meant Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, it meant Hanukkah, it meant presents. It generally just meant a happy time of year that was free from the stress of life. Some of us still maintain that giddy attitude about the holidays’ arrival, but some may find it harder to be happy during this time of year. 

Between the last round of holidays and the one coming soon, we have encountered a lot of turbulence. Ruts have erupted in our lives and have derailed everything. There have been a lot of stumbles and trips, a lot of having to pick ourselves back up, and a lot of repeating that entire process. We have begun to work towards fixing these potholes we keep tripping on, but the work is still ongoing. We are in recovery but we are not recovered. Having this large shadow looming over us can make it difficult for us to look forward to things we used to be excited for in the past. Suddenly, the holiday season seems like something to avoid; it no longer has the bright allure that it used to. Instead, it’s stressful as you manage having to find gifts for friends and family, get time off work, figure out travel plans, and, on top of it all, continue to dissect your thoughts and emotions in your recovery program. There is a lot of magic that is lost in it, causing the season to become the complete opposite of what it used to mean to you. We know why you feel that way and we understand how your experience has begun to change the way you think. 

The Holiday Season Can Be Just the Time of Year You Need

For many people, the holiday season is a time to celebrate the blessings in our lives. It’s the time of year where we can slow down and spend time with the ones we love. We can give back to the world and the people around us. As hard as it may sound, you can take the time to focus on something else other than the problems you are dealing with. By all means, don’t just ignore the problems; you can’t let your recovery slip out of your grasp, but you can also bring another perspective to your life. Think of it as a time to celebrate your accomplishments. Take pride in how far you have come since the last time the trees were decorated and the lights put up. You are not the same person you were a year ago, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This new you can still enjoy the holidays in a new way. Take stock of the accomplishments you have achieved thus far, the progress you have made, and show your appreciation for those who have supported you along the way. As children, we loved getting presents. Unwrapping our gifts as fast as we could used to be part of the joy of the season, but now, we can find joy in giving something meaningful to the people we love. As we grow up, it becomes much more joyful to make someone happy, to give them something that really means something them. It’s a beautiful feeling when that expression of joy cracks their faces. It truly can be a time of joy and a time to remember that not everything is going wrong. 

We know that it’s hard to look on the bright side when dealing with some like recovery. How can you focus on the good when the bad and difficult is so prominent? How can you possibly ignore that? There is no easy answer; it’s a complete change of perspective and mindset. But it is possible. The holidays contain a lot of stress with get-togethers, family events, and just the general craziness of the whole thing. But there is something incredible in the middle of all that. Something that is built on love and the desire to give. Underneath all the commercialism is something we all need to remember: to slow down and appreciate what we have around us. To give thanks for what we have done and we are going to go. It is time to remember who we are and that we deserve this joy. 

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