Recovery in a Post-Pandemic World

While the present may have you feeling like you are in a vacuum filled with stressful news, restrictions on freedom, and wondering when you will ever get out, it’s important to understand that you will someday. The world might not be the same, but there will be valuable and undeniable tools gained to carry with yourself into the post-pandemic world. Here are some of the positive attributes that you can gain from enduring this situation.

The current pandemic has you living under circumstances that you probably never thought possible. Your outlook, your innocence, and your perspective are going to change when the world begins to move toward this new idea of normalcy. When things change, they never come back the exact same — for better or worse.


Patience truly is a virtue. In recovery, patience is the main component of any lasting venture worth pursuing. Patience under any guise is hard — but under so much uncertainty, it may seem near impossible. However, if you have managed to rise to the occasion, then you are adapting to build your patience. Without outlets to give you release, you have had to find alternative ways to keep you mentally and physically healthy. You no longer take things for granted, and this is true wisdom that you can appreciate long after this virus has gone.

Living in the Moment

Certainly, it is easy to let your imagination get the best of you. This is true at any point in your life, but especially in recovery when you have been down a path of making negative choices. However, like patience, these times are helping us recognize how beautiful all of life’s moments are — big or small. Times like these help you to slow things down, be in the present, and appreciate what you have.

This experience has reconnected you with important thoughts, the people in your life, and the struggles you have endured. In the wake of this pandemic, there will be much to mourn — however, there will also be much to celebrate, and it will likely be the simple things in life.


Since you are home, you have probably had more time to evaluate your eating habits. It’s certainly easy to slip every now and then and indulge in unsavory acts of eating. But hopefully, you have turned a corner and are now looking for ways to incorporate healthy dietary options in your life.

Learning to cook from home not only saves you money but gives you a greater sense of appreciation and control over what you put into your body. You will also gain the art of self-motivation if you have been practicing a good exercise regimen. Times like these call for resourcefulness — if you have been maintaining a challenging workout regime, you are instilling habits that will very likely transition into a post-pandemic world.


While having support and friends is always great, you are also likely to gain a greater sense of independence. You have had to adjust to working from home and prioritizing your time with new distractions — while the effort might be exhausting, it’s also building a great deal of independence. You are needing to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself in ways you never have before.

Building momentum and sustaining this lifestyle will create trust from within and give you a bigger sense of control if/when life becomes challenging. Gaining this independence will not only help you make more confident choices, but teach you to be a better leader for future generations that might face similar struggles.

Financial Security

Up until now, many of us lived paycheck to paycheck. The hope here is that in a post-pandemic world, we can learn to make better financial choices — whether or not to make that frivolous purchase, whether or not to take out that loan, and so on. While the economy might not bounce back as soon as we’d like, your choices going forward can better prepare you for another economic collapse.

This time should have shed light on how much unnecessary money is spent. Hopefully going forward, many will dial back their unnecessary expenditures and build their savings. Not everyone will be able to do this, but at the very least, they can be aware of where their money is going.

Deeper Understanding of Others

If you have lived with addiction for many years, you understand the isolation and negative behavior that often results. Now many people who have never suffered from addiction are beginning to experience the same effects of being isolated and alone with their thoughts. While it may not be the best scenario to teach others who dismiss mental health and addiction, it may provide a deeper understanding of those who have lived or still live with these conditions. Hopefully, there will be more compassion and acceptance of alternative care by society around the world.

This pandemic may be causing some of the hardest circumstances that you will ever face. Understand that the world as a whole is also facing these problems. Finding ways to motivate yourself to remain active, positive, and moving forward during this time could set you up to handle anything your recovery throws at you from here on out. That said, it’s not easy, and maybe you are still looking for ways to get started on making changes to adapt to the post-pandemic world. If the gravity of these changes has caused depression, anxiety, or even negative thoughts, it’s time to get help.

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