Understanding the Effects We Have When Talking About Mental Health

As we have talked about before, mental illness is a prevalent issue in our world. It is far more common than people may know or even choose to believe. We are completely surrounded by the reality of mental illness and health. And yet, we rarely see mental health as a reason for things to occur. We point fingers at other people, other countries, and other beliefs for the reasons why things go wrong, but we never take a moment to consider whether or not mental health is playing a role in all of it. Now, this isn’t to say that mental health is the root cause of all issues in the world, but rather, perhaps it is our lack of treatment and lack of awareness that is more at fault for some of it.

We don’t ever want to blame someone’s mental illness for something that is unrelated. To immediately jump to conclusions, and blame mental health for any tragedy is incredibly dangerous, especially when we are trying to overcome the stigmas that already exist. No, we don’t believe that someone who suffers from a mental illness is automatically at risk of doing something they shouldn’t, and we certainly don’t want to say that mental illness is only going to cause harm and danger to others. If we are to say that mental illness is the driving force behind the happenings in the world, then we are negating all the progress we have made in combatting the stigmas and myths around it. People are only going to associate it with negative outcomes, terrible tragedies, and they are going to be afraid of mental illness instead of treating it as the very thing that it is: a treatable and manageable issue in our lives. The idea that all people who suffer from a mental illness are “crazy” and need to be put into an institution is flawed and false. We are not people who need to be locked up or deserve to be criticized for things out of our control. We are human beings with our own complexities and different ways of living. 

No, what is more at fault than anything, is the world’s lack of treatment options and opportunities. While we are making progress, there is still so much to make regarding mental health. Our world ignores mental health in some places and belittles it in others, while those of us who are struggling get left to figure it out for ourselves. There are systematic issues that are going unresolved and this is creating a world that is hard for those of us with mental illness to recover. A person can be driven to doing horrible things because they are not getting the treatment they need. Yes, mental illness plays a role in many tragedies, but it is not to blame. Given the proper treatment or attention, a person can find healthy ways to get through their struggles. If we were to dedicate more funds, effort, focus on finding treatments, training doctors, opening facilities, and just taking mental illness more seriously, then we might see a society that has less incidence of mental health-related tragedies. When dealing with these issues, you know that these afflictions are possible to get through. The unfortunate thing is that so many people don’t know that. What we have been given is truly a blessing that many others are not able to have. We have been given a gift and we can use it to help others. That’s why we have to continue talking, marching, and fighting for ourselves. 

Our world is far from where it can be, where it needs to be, where we deserve to be. So much focus is needed for mental health for us to get to a place where it isn’t as terrifying as it feels right now. We have to not let our actions or our behaviors to further push the stigmas that we have been working so hard to get rid of. We have to remember that while mental health is an influence in these situations, we cannot put the blame on it. The lack of proper treatment or care is to more blame. We have to stop letting these people who are struggling fall between the cracks. We have to keep each other up, and for those of us who have been through it, we know what is possible. Let’s use our experiences and gifts to lift up those who keep falling down. 

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