giving back

The power of recovery offers you the insight to look around and realize all that you have. It also helps you understand the potential you possess to climb to new heights and reach achievements you never thought possible. You might wonder why you are so lucky to be where you are? For one, you now have the perspective to recognize what it was like being on the other side — fighting for your sobriety and wondering when or if you will have that next drink or drug. Compare this to where you are now — feeling free from the impulses and negative thoughts that accompany addiction. 

Giving back feels good and can be one of the most rewarding experiences you have in recovery. Volunteering and giving back to others in recovery offer new insights and appreciation for a life of sobriety. These moments can help you to see how far you have come and how hard you worked while simultaneously helping another discover this. If you are wondering where or how to evolve your recovery experience, consider giving back. Recovery is a gift that is better when you share it with others.

Shifting Your Focus

Recovery presents you with various challenges, including struggling to manage your thought process. In addition to needing to sit with and face your emotions through practices such as mindfulness and meditation, day-to-day responsibilities can bring about stress and doubt concerning your recovery. Over time, these fluctuations from relief to anxiety may add up and present challenges that affect your mental and physical well-being.

When giving back, you shift your focus — you are thinking about other people. Focusing on someone just beginning treatment provides a distraction from your thoughts, along with motivation and empowerment. You may remember the struggles you overcame in early recovery. It is beneficial never to forget how far you have come. When you can remember and appreciate this, you stand to serve somebody else struggling.

Combatting Against Isolation

Those with whom you spent time drinking and using with are no longer people that you can have in your life. However, your family and close friends might not completely understand what you have been through. As a result, you may begin to feel disconnected and isolated. When you give back, you allow yourself to connect and spend time with other people – people you can identify with and understand. Giving back not only combats against isolation but can lend a more positive day-to-day experience. 

Replacing Guilt and Shame

Long-term substance use can carry shame and guilt. These feelings can present themselves in stressful times and take control of your head-space, causing you to remember how you once acted and treated people. When these thoughts occur, it can become easy to forget that you are no longer that person. However, when you give back, you are putting your new-found energy and self into the world. These selfless acts give you more confidence. They re-establish who you are now and keep you moving toward who you want to become. When you attain self-awareness and confidence, you are less likely to spend time judging yourself based on past experiences.

How Can You Start Giving Back?

When you seek treatment with True Recovery, you will focus on improving yourself and your well-being. Once you can manage your sobriety, you can then consider if you are ready to start giving back. When deciding to give back, it is essential to move at your own pace. Ensure that you never take on too much too fast.

You can begin to seek opportunities to give back within the recovery community. If you have never volunteered before, look into different volunteer opportunities to determine which might be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Try to choose a meaningful cause, including doing volunteer work with the elderly, children, or animals.

If you attend 12-Step meetings, you may consider becoming a sponsor. A sponsor helps other individuals in recovery go through the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts for World Service to find healing. 


The power of recovery is an energy that passes from person to person. It is truly a gift to cherish, and the best way to get the most from this gift is to share it with another. Building and maintaining a recovery community is just as crucial as preserving recovery within. The more you and others in the community can give back, the more awareness and understanding it brings to mental health disorders and substance use disorder. A growing recovery community also helps to strengthen those struggling to become motivated to get treatment. At True Recovery, our mission is to both treat and advocate awareness for such mental health disorders and substance use disorders. With a refined telehealth service, well-versed court services, and the ability to treat individuals to meet their specific needs, our community is a great place to begin treatment. With 24/7 availability, there is never a wrong time to reach out. To learn more, call us today at (866) 399-6528.