A Letter to Those Who Have Made It Through Recovery 

To those of you who have made it through mental health recovery: congratulations! You have done something that not many people can ever say they have.

You have conquered your fears, faced the darkest parts of who you are, and you have come on the better side of it. We know how difficult it was for you to get to this place.

We know how you had to drag yourself to your first appointments, how you were resistant to look at yourself in the metaphorical mirror. 

Think about where you started. The moment when you first began to exhibit your symptoms.

Perhaps your first concerns were raised around that moment, or maybe you simply ignored the signs as a one-time thing. Either way, you were different then.

Back then, you could not anticipate what you were about to go through. You had no idea what it was going to feel like, look like, or that it would happen at all.

It wasn’t on your radar, and then it all changed. Suddenly, everything was turned upside down, or at least it felt that way. Almost overnight, you weren’t the same person you had been, and you had no idea how it had happened.

One day, you were doing what you always do, being the only person that you knew how to be. Then, the next day, you had changed.

We are sorry you had to feel that. We are sorry that you felt like your life had changed entirely. We are sorry you had to feel that fear that comes with these experiences. We are sorry that you felt afraid to speak up about it at first. 

Still, you made that decision to pursue recovery. You realized that you couldn’t just let the emotions play out and go away. You realized that you couldn’t do it on your own, and we commend you for that.

There is nothing braver than accepting your flaws and admitting that you need help. You triumphed over your own ego and made a choice to be better.

You found the right program to fit your needs, and you pushed yourself to go there. You opened yourself up to a stranger, and then another, and another. In the process, you learned how to keep opening yourself up, and you realized that being vulnerable is perfectly fine.

You saw that it wasn’t a weakness, it wasn’t something to be afraid of, and you learned that there are plenty of trustworthy people. Recovery taught you how to talk about yourself and how to listen to others.

You began the slow, subtle shift to improvement. Even if you didn’t realize it, you were taking many steps toward self-improvement. You changed in meaningful ways each and every day. 

And now, you are here. You are this brand new person who still has the essential things they wanted to hold on to.

You have become the best version of you possible, and it’s because of your bravery and your hard work. Unfortunately, your journey isn’t over.

There are still things you have to work on in your life, including painful memories and traumatic experiences. We wish that we could show you a way to rid yourself of all that baggage, but we can’t. You can do it, though. 

Still, some people will minimize your experience. There are people out there who won’t believe that what you went through was hard, or that you actually have a mental illness.

Unfortunately, these people are still stuck thinking mental illness is only emotional immaturity. Other people view these things as a fad or something that can be self-diagnosed.

We all know that’s not true and that these things are rough. Don’t ever feel like these people make you any weaker. 

Most of all, we want you to know how admirable you are, how powerful you are. You have changed your life for the better, and we are proud of you for it.

Now go out there and show the world what kind of person you are. Show them these things are dangerous, but they are not a life sentence. Welcome to life after recovery; you deserve to be here!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with anxiety or mental illness, do not hesitate to contact the team here at True Recovery. Our program, founded in 2014, is built around finding what’s best for you to overcome your addiction. Our facility is located in Newport Beach, California, with our supportive housing located close to our campus in Costa Mesa. Take advantage of the local beaches, nature preserves, and Orange County community while we fight for you. Contact us at (866) 399-6528 or [email protected]