A group of people in recovery talk about their treatment

Sobriety typically does not simply happen to us one day. It usually takes truly hard work, commitment, and persistence to changing our lives for the better.

Once we break through the tough times of early sobriety, many of us are astonished at just how much we get out of recovery. While most of us enter recovery solely to get sober, we end up getting much more than just sobriety.

Here we take a look at some of the benefits that a life in recovery can offer.


We are often left amazed at how fast are health returns to us once we rid our bodies of drugs/alcohol, and the lifestyle that typically comes with them. Many of us also start taking better care of ourselves once we enter recovery.

True friendshipsA man with glasses smiling as he enters sobriety and recovery

In our addictions we often times surround ourselves with relationships that are solely predicated on drug and alcohol use.

Recovery leads to true friendships, rather than glorified acquaintances that are only interested in what we have to offer them.

Sense of purpose

Recovery gives us a sense of purpose in our lives. We genuinely enjoy helping the newcomers, even if this seemed like such a foreign concept to us in the beginning. And by helping others, we are rewarded with long-term sobriety!

Ability to be present

So much of our lives get lost to drugs and alcohol. While we may have physically been present at special times/occasions, we were not truly there. Recovery gives us the ability to be present for the important times in our lives and to be present for our loved ones.

Freedom to explore new hobbies

Addiction and alcoholism typically enslaves us- preventing us from having time for hardly anything else. Recovery gives us the freedom to take up old hobbies we may have neglected, or to begin to pursue new hobbies in which we had always desired.

Freedom to travel

Addiction often times handcuffs us to a certain location or to our dealers, never allowing us to stray too far away. This often times means we seriously neglect traveling during our addiction. This all can change once we have achieved sobriety.

True Recovery


Actually living life

Addiction prevents us from truly living our lives to the fullest extent possible. Recovery gives us the freedom to actually live our lives, rather than just spending life essentially just killing time.

Sleeping at night

We will no longer lose sleep at night for the countless reasons we did during our addiction, such as where to get the next fix, fear of getting exposed, etc etc etc. We will no longer dread what the next day will bring either.

We no longer hide our heads in public

Too often during our addiction we hide our heads in shame in public, fearful of whom we may run into or what people may think of us. Recovery completely removes this fear and allows us to never have to worry about whom we may run into in public.

No longer hurt

And the greatest gift we have saved for last: Thanks to recovery, we never have to hurt from drug or alcohol addiction ever again.

Final Note

This article is intended for those considering a new way of life, free of the pain of drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on recovery and anyone seeking help with addiction and substance abuse problems, please call True Recovery at (844) 744-8783 or visit us online.