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Recovery conventions are typically annual large gatherings that celebrate sobriety and recovery and last for about one to three days. The conventions typically offer featured speakers, round the clock meetings, dances, great food, and several different fun activities in between.

The annual conferences occur all over the world, and most are well-established traditions for many in recovery.

If you are in early recovery, the thought of a sober convention with a bunch of people in recovery probably sounds extremely uncomfortable, boring, and strange. That is certainly how I felt when I was first invited to attend one!

I decided to bite my tongue and attend anyway. Much to my surprise, I ended up having a blast. Conventions are a perfect way to actually enjoy life without being drunk or high.

This list provides some of the more famous ones that are annually held in California, but is in no way a comprehensive list.

Southern California Alcoholics Anonymous Conference (SCAAC)

The Southern California AA Conference has been held annually since 1952, and is one of theA logo for a recovery program longest-running recovery conferences in the country.

The conference features speaker meetings, Spanish-speaking meetings, Al-anon meetings (for family members), and round the clock marathon meetings. For leisure, the convention features a golf tournament, a poker tournament, dances, and luncheons.

Northern California Council of Alcoholics Anonymous (NCCAA)

The North California Council of AA has been in existence since 1947, also making it one of the oldest running recovery conferences in the country.

The NCCAA features meetings throughout the day, with dances held at night. The meetings include open speaker, early bird, young people’s, and Al-anon.

Ventura County Alcoholics Anonymous Convention (VCAAC)

The Ventura Country AA Convention has been an annual event since 1978 and is still going strong. The conference has featured speakers, and round the clock meetings including Al-anon and Spanish meetings as well.

The conference has dances, karaoke, a golf tournament, and several raffles.

Southern California Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (SCRCNA)

The Southern California Regional Convention of NA has been ongoing since 1979. The convention, which lasts four days, features round the clock marathon meetings all weekend including speaker jams at night.

Leisure activities include dances, karaoke, pinochle, bingo, and a comedy show.

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Northern California Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (NCCNA)

The Northern California Convention of NA has been held annually since 1979 and lasts three days. The convention has grown to include approximately 6,000-8,000 people every year, compared to 350 in 1979.

The convention features marathon meetings, speaker meetings, topic meetings, and workshops. Dances, concerts, and other forms of entertainment are also held throughout the weekend.

Final Note

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