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Everything from bug spray, rat poison, to PCP has been found in Spice/K2. You will not believe some of the things reportedly found in spice.

Synthetic marijuana, aka Spice/K2, is notorious for containing constantly changing active compounds. This in turn makes spice incredibly dangerous; as the user truly has no idea what they are using until it is too late.

To make matters even worse, some of the chemicals spice has been laced with include both absurd and outright dangerous substances. Here we provide a brief, and in no way comprehensive, list of some of the chemicals spice has been laced with.

Rat Poison

In April 2018, at least five different states reported well over a hundred cases of people testing An image of various sprays found inside spicepositive for rat poison after smoking spice. Brodifacoum, commonly used in rat poison, was identified as the substance that the spice was laced with.

Brodifacoum causes bleeding and can be fatal.

Bug Spray

A March 2018 outbreak of spice overdoses in Indiana was tied to the drug being laced with heavy-duty bug spray. The effect was causing users to enter a “zombie” like state, including loss of motor function, ability to speak, and struggling to breath.

Another strange side effect was several patients being found trying to eat dirt and grass.


An August 2018 overdose outbreak in Connecticut was tied to fentanyl-laced spice, and ultimately hospitalized over 70 people. Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous substances of abuse, and is largely responsible for the Opioid Epidemics recent surge in overdose deaths. Fentanyl can be lethal in doses as small as micrograms.

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Bath salts (synthetic cathinones)

Synthetic cathinones, popularly referred to as ‘bath salts’, are another highly popular designer drug that has also been found laced in spice. Bath salts can cause paranoid psychosis, hallucinations, extreme aggravation, and several detrimental health effects.


Confirmed cases of spice being laced with PCP have been reported in Connecticut, resulting in trips to the emergency room. PCP causes extreme psychotic behavior, and those who overdosed were reported as being seen running down the street shirtless asking for help.

Final Note

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